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This Canvas Has A Story

. Guest Blogger

this canvas was given to you
you were born to this body and made it your own, through years,
and opinions; “have-to”s, “don’t”s, and “shhhhh”

this canvas
has a story

i was told how to be and how to behave
but i sang my story out loud, unafraid
embraced a life in bold color and light
deconstructed the boxes i was born into
i took ownership, and made up my own story

this canvas is how you express yourself
what you put on it tells the world who you are
what you care about
how you FEEL about yourself

this body is how i am SEEN

this is not your average nude underwear
these underwear don’t want you to blend in
they are made for YOU, and they will support you as you go out in the world and declare yourself, dance yourself, and try
because there is nothing tidy nor little nor EASY
about being a person in this world,
and sometimes you need to know that someone sees you
for exactly who you are

sometimes it’s as simple
as the first thing you put on
and the last thing you take off


You can find the underwear featured in the video in our Neutrals Collection. To hear more from the individuals featured in this campaign, check out our interviews with Ericka Hart, Ari FitzKhrystyAna, Kanda Mbenza-Ngoma, and Chella Man

Guest Blogger

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