A Tale of Two Tomboys

We started TomboyX in 2013 because we recognized a gap in the market for people like us. We asked ourselves, “How hard can it be to make good underwear?” And by that, we meant underwear that anybody could feel comfortable in, inclusive of all sizes and gender expressions.

Queer & Women-founded

Over 10 years ago, we started working on better underwear options for people who were failed by the status quo. We believed we could make underwear designed to perform beyond convention - sustainable underwear that focused on quality, fit and function.

In 2019, we developed new product lines to serve trans folks looking for gender affirming underwear and safer alternatives to binders. We’re constantly working to bring new color and style options based on feedback from our customers.

The Original Briefs & Boxer Briefs for Women

The first thing we wanted to get right was the waistband. When we got the silky-soft feel we were looking for, the right thickness to keep our underwear from rolling and had long-lasting quality, we selected the right eco-friendly fabrics and fit-tested on people of all sizes.

We worked with a woman-owned factory to make our first run of TomboyX boxer briefs: the TomboyX 4.5” Trunk and the TomboyX 6” Button Fly. Our presale sold out in just two weeks, and that’s when we knew we had found our hero product. After this, we quickly added boy shorts, briefs, and soft bras to our wardrobe.

The Power of Community

We got to where we are today with the help and support of our community. We foster a diverse circle of LGBTQ+ folks, athletes, people outside of the confined size spectrum, and those who just like having quality, all-day comfort. From the beginning, we leaned on our community to help us create the products they needed most.

The TomboyX family is one we will always treasure. Our values are centered around running our business sustainably while honoring the community we’ve grown and have supported us along the way.

Thank you for your support. It means the world.

- Co-founders Fran & Naomi