Chella Man Became His Own Representation

My name is Chella Man. I am a 19 year-old, deaf, genderqueer artist.


Art is literally a way of survival for me. Without it, I wouldn’t be myself.


I think the greatest gift that my body gives me is it’s ability to adapt and it’s ability to understand why I do certain things: why I inject testosterone every single week, why I got top surgery, why I got two Cochlear implants.


Society could easily be more inclusive to deaf people by simply thinking about the fact that we exist.


I never had you know, a deaf, genderqueer, person of color, young artist. I wanted to be that representation for myself because there’s no major movies out there with someone like that starring. So when I look in the mirror, I see my representation. And that’s valid.


For more from Chella Man, you can follow him on InstagramTwitter, and YouTube. Chella Man is wearing our Neutrals Collection 6" Fly boxers in nude X=4.