Kanda Mbenza-Ngoma Leads With Authenticity

My name is Kanda, I'm a musician and a model.


My goal is always to be the most authentic in my music because it sets people free in their most authentic way.


Because I'm a black, queer, fat woman in 2018, everything that I do reaches out to people who didn't have that sort of representation before me.


I spent a lot of my life feeling really guilty for being a first generation African girl around a whole bunch of people who didn't understand me and I felt guilty about who I was. I would like for no one else to feel that way.


I am strong, vulnerable. I am often scared. I am an overcomer of fear.


I will set the world on fire by being myself.


For more from Kanda, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Kanda is wearing our Neutrals Collection bralette and boy shorts in nude X=1.