Our Design Philosphy

We pay obsessive attention to every design aspect, leaving no detail overlooked so that our community can live and experience a life unbound.

Considered Construction

We understand that complete ease in one's own skin empowers individuals with the confidence and vision to breath, move freely, be comfortable and leave their mark on the world. 

Silky Smooth Stay-Put Elastic

Silky-soft on the skin and non-chafing. Superior stitching for smooth seams, minimal bulk, and elegant strength. Our elastic is unrivaled. We use a unique “soft” nylon not available in many places that adds a silky touch not found in traditional elastics. Thin but strong, we grade the height of the elastic along the size curve so you have confidence your elastic in your size will stay where you put it throughout the day.

Stay-Still Leg Openings

Mobilon-encased leg opening binds stay in place and avoid riding up for all day comfort. They won’t grab or pinch with movement, and won’t stretch out throughout the day. The Stay-Still leg openings anchor to the body, wherever they land and avoid the uncomfortable wedgies of undies that ride up. 

Smooth Flatlock Seams

3NC smooth, durable flat locked seams for less bulk, anti-chafe, and anti-rub and incredible strength. Worry-free forgiveness with every bend and flex. No front center seams in any products for seamless discretion-no front wedgies. Constructed with wrap around seams on core underwear styles to avoid rubbing at sides.  Soft bras designed with set forward shoulder seams to avoid rubbing on shoulders for all day wear. 

Superior-Grade Fabrics

We select sustainable fabrics for their exceptional quality. Silky- soft, flattering and long lasting. Elegant high-grade fabrics durable enough to retain shape and provide support. Breathable and dependable with a reliable tensile strength. Read more in Our Fabrics.

Detailed Prints & Deep Color

We offer a subdued aesthetic that reads as high-quality art in a style not available in the market. From a distance they are pleasing repetitive patterns, but upon closer inspection, they reveal a thoughtfulness, call to action, or representation that reflects our customer’s individuality. Our patterns and prints are surprising in their level of detail, and thoughtful with the tie into the season, emotion and timing of the way tomboys see the world. 

Our color palettes for each season are our version of the deconstructed rainbow- whether its autumnal fire, or vibrant brights of summer, our core foundation and history allows us to reimagine pride and the palette can shift with trend, but is rooted in who we are and allowing the wearer to express their own individual style. We elevate the basics by adding dyed to match trims and elastic that create subtle elegance and evoke joy.

Fluffy Threads

We use fluff threads for soft touch against sensitive skin. Thoughtful placement of seams off of bones and pressure points, used to smooth binds and keen detail, these threads are also mighty in strength and purpose. Fluff threads are ultra soft yarns that are soft and dreamy- imagine sewing with thread made out of clouds.  They are not dry or scratchy.  These yarns allow our 3NC flatlock seams to be as soft as possible in order to avoid chafing and benefit customers who are super sensitive or have sensory disorders.

Fit Engineered

Our rigorous fit testing process ensures our designs are size inclusive, expertly fit and scaled for diverse bodies sizes 3XS-6X. We don’t sacrifice fit in function, aesthetics or size. 

At TomboyX, we’re committed to crafting the perfect garments for our diverse community, and this extends to every aspect of our design process.  Fit testing, wear testing, wash testing, and quality inspection are all essential pillars of our design philosophy.  All new TomboyX designs are fit to a range of body types and sizes, which ensures comfort and confidence for every individual.  All new Fabrications introduced into our product line are sent through both scrupulous fabric and wash testing at our factories, as well as wear and wash tested internally. Wear testing allows us to assess the durability, functionality and style of our garments in real-life situations, ensuring they withstand the rigors of everyday life.  Wash testing guarantees that our products maintain their quality and vibrancy throughout their lifespan. All products are vetted through a meticulous Quality and Assurance process in order to ensure the best product is being made for our customers.  Meticulous attention to detail is at the heart of what we do, because we believe that it’s the small, thoughtful touches that make our product truly exceptional.  At TomboyX, you are not just wearing clothes- you are wearing a commitment to quality, fit, inclusivity and authenticity, down to the little details.


As a Certified B Corp, we prioritize sustainable design, fabrication, environmental responsibility, and ethical manufacturing practices. All of our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified which guarantees the absence of harmful chemicals. We prioritize BCI and organic cotton, recycled polyester and nylon as well as verified Lenzing Modal yarns in our product, all which help create a more earth friendly product.  Our factories use solar power, collected rainwater, and reused water to help run the power and processes of their facilities. We are continually looking for new and better solutions to help maintain the environmental integrity of our world.

Factory & Manufacturing Partners

We select manufacturing partners that match our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility as a certified B-Corp. 

Our factories are regularly inspected and certified by  the industry's most rigorous standards including:

Some of our key partners use solar power to generate electricity for the production process as well as collected rainwater and responsibly processed used water in the washing and dyeing processes. 

Women play a big part in management and ownership of our partners and all of them sign a commitment to follow the TomboyX  standards around diversity, inclusion and acceptance. Our partners provide greater than their country’s standard living wages to their workers and offer some level of healthcare, nutrition and  child care assistance to them.