Proudly B Corp Certified

Certified B Corporations are legally required to meet and maintain extremely high sustainability standards for environmental impact, employment, and governance. Simply put, it’s a way to be absolutely sure that we’re a force for good.
From our founders

“As queer founders we started TomboyX because we didn’t feel seen or heard in the fashion industry and, we knew we weren’t alone. By providing accessible and sustainable gender and size inclusive clothing, our mission of radical visibility and inclusivity perfectly aligns with the B Corp movement of being a force for good in the world and we’re excited to codify our mutual values into our business forever.”

How We Qualify


Our mission at TomboyX is to promote self-acceptance through radical comfort and inclusivity. We consistently incorporate social and environmental impact into decision-making at all levels, and we uphold a strong code of ethics.


All TomboyX employees receive a living wage, stock options, unlimited paid time off, 12 weeks of parental leave, and a 401K with socially responsible investing options. We champion professional development and internal promotion.


Our team is 30% LGBTQ+, 77% female-led, and 35% BIPOC. When it comes to suppliers, we prioritize women-owned businesses, environmental certifications, and living wages.


75% of our products have environmental certifications likeOEKO-Tex®andBCI, and we regularly review our assortment to find more ways to improve. We work with recycled fabrics wherever possible, our packaging is biodegradable, and our headquarters is a Gold LEED certified building. 


We solicit feedback and insights regularly via surveys and other feedback channels- and then we use that feedback to improve our product, marketing and messaging. What we hear consistently is that “we listen to needs, meet consumer demands, fit real bodies, and make people feel seen.” In short, since day one the customer voice has been essential to our designs and business model.

Thank you for being part of our sustainable community.