Ericka Hart Knows There is Power in Vulnerability

My name is Ericka Hart. I am a sexuality educator because it’s important for people to learn about their bodies, consent, body image, everything. All of that is important and vital to people’s existence.


I bring intersectionality into my work by centering the experiences of black and brown folks. Especially black cis and trans women.


My core values are freedom and liberation for black and brown folks. Another core value would be sexual liberation, whatever that looks like to an individual or to a group of people.


My body is at the center of my activism in a lot of ways. Whether I’m topless as a breast cancer survivor or not, just as a black body existing. It leaves me vulnerable because it has me being present and not hiding. I can hide my disability, so making it visible makes a difference, so folks see themselves and also know that they don’t have to hide it.


I feel like there is power in vulnerability. For sure.


For more from Ericka, you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Ericka is wearing our Neutrals Collection 4.5" trunks and bralette in nude X=3.