Fit Guide

We know how important it is to find the right fit for your body. So our product team created this Fit Guide to help you figure out how to measure yourself, complete with tips on how our bras, undies, and more will fit you

How to fit tops, bras, and compression tops

Start with measuring your chest across the widest point. Do this without padded tops or compression garments on. Next, measure around your rib cage. Make sure it's level all the way around, and not too tight. Use these measurements to determine your TomboyX size for all tops.

Did you know? If you are looking for your traditional bra size, subtract the band size from your chest - the difference correlates to your cup size. (i.e. 1” difference = A cup)

Exact sizing is personal - all bodies are unique.

We understand it can be confusing. Our bodies are always changing, so it’s a good idea to re-measure every 6 months or so. Our silky-smooth, stay put elastic bands are taller for the larger sizes to ensure a comfortable fit.
How to fit bottoms & underwear

First, measure your waist. Your natural waistline is above your hip bones and under your ribs, near or above your belly button. If you bend to one side, it's the spot that naturally indents. Wrap measuring tape around your middle, snug but not tight. Don’t hold your breath! Make sure the measuring tape stays level. Next measure your hips at their widest point. If you seem to be in between sizes, error larger-the undies should lay flat and never dig or pinch. Use these measurements to determine your TomboyX size for all bottoms.


Our fabrics are developed with a blend of soft spandex (latex-free) for stretch and recovery, making them accommodating for many sizes (we call this projection)- So depending on your chest density, our tops should accommodate up to a G cup.

For a smoother fit, use just your ribcage measurement to fit our compression top. Best practice for shapewear is to size down if you are in between sizes. How dense your tissue is has a big relevance on the compression. Our fabrics are thin, soft and breathable to allow for layered compression for an even more pronounced shaping.

Everyone and every body.

Of course! Our thongs are built broader to accommodate more flesh so the leg openings stay in place, our boy shorts & 4.5” are classic cuts, the 6” fly is functional, and our tucking underwear has a super smoothing no-stretch crotch for gender euphoria and gentle shapewear that allows for no-gaff freedom all day long.

Our elastic is unrivaled. Silky-soft on the skin and non-chafing, we focus on superior stitching for smooth seams, minimal bulk, and elegant strength. We use a unique “soft” nylon not available in many places that adds a silkiness not found in traditional  elastics.  Thin but strong, we grade the height of the elastic along the size curve so you have confidence your elastic in your size will stay where you put it throughout the day. The silky touch allows the elastic to slip on nicely, but stay put all day.

Snacks! Just kidding (or not, you can put whatever you want in your underwear) We add invisible pockets in nearly every style of bra we make to offer options for people who might want to add inserts for shaping, modesty (nipple coverage), leaking (with pregnancy) or fill in with prosthetics post surgery (unilateral or bilateral) or enhancement. These are designed large enough to accommodate whatever the need is without creating extra bulk for those who don’t want to use them. Speaking of post-surgery, our soft cotton bras are amazing during any healing process.

We use the same measurements for all of our lines. Our clothing cuts are built for more of a universal fit- OK for broader shoulders and longer torsos. If you like a more fitted style, size down from your Top and Bottom sizing.