Types of Hoodies - Styles, Fits, and More!

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Hoodies, or hooded sweatshirts, have become a popular item of clothing for people of all ages. From toddlers to teens to adults, the hoodie has gained popularity over the years as a casual, comfortable garment that can be worn in any season. They’re on high-fashion runway shows and at the gym, which is a pretty big accomplishment if you ask us!

But, beyond simply being a type of everyday apparel, there are many different types of hoodies out there – from lightweight pullovers to heavy-duty outerwear.

Let's explore the different kinds and their unique features. 

Styles of Hoodies

Below we'll explore five main types of hoodies that you should consider when it comes to selecting the perfect garment for your wardrobe: 

The Classic Pullover Hoodie

The most common type of hoodie is a pullover made from cotton or polyester fleece. This style typically includes a kangaroo pocket at the front and usually comes with an adjustable drawstring hood.

Depending on the intended use, these pullover-style hoodies come in varying levels of thickness and warmth. Some offer protection from winter weather, while others are designed to keep you cool during the summer months. Furthermore, there are even special water-resistant varieties that can be used for outdoor activities (think hiking or jogging on rainy days). 

We are partial to the Eco Fleece Hoodie — a luxe take on a classic shape. The fabric is soft, fuzzy, and insulating, making it ideal for colder days. With an instantly recognizable silhouette, this hoodie offers both familiar comfort and innovation rolled into one cozy garment.

The Zip-Up Hoodie

Another popular option is the zip-up hoodie. Much like its pullover cousin, this style also includes an adjustable drawstring hood.

Combine form and fashion with an offering like the Hero Hoodie in Chrome Blue. The zip pocket ensures that your keys don’t fall out of your pocket as you frolic down the beach, leaving you to Uber home or try to find a kind stranger with a metal detector. 

In addition to being great for everyday wear, this type of hoodie also makes a great base layer when paired with other pieces of clothing. It keeps you warm while running errands around town in autumn and cooler months. 

The Full-Zip Hoodie 

Then there are full-zip jackets (often referred to as sweatshirt jackets) which provide much more protection against cold temperatures than their basic pullover counterparts. Typically made from thicker fabrics (wool blends or synthetic materials like nylon or polyester). These hefty pieces are fantastic for anyone looking for ultimate protection against harsh weather conditions without sacrificing mobility. 

Sweatshirt jackets often have additional features like a storm flap closure at the front for added wind resistance. Others could have multiple pockets for storing items like extra socks and gloves during colder months. 

The Tech Hoodie

Another popular version that has been gaining traction in recent months is the tech hoodie — specifically designed with tech lovers in mind. These stylish garments feature high-tech fabric technology like four-way stretch fabrics that provide comfort and flexibility, along with multiple pockets for electronic gadgets like smartphones or smartwatches. 

The Sleeveless Hoodie

Finally, we have the sleeveless hoodie. Easily recognizable by its design — no sleeves — the sleeveless hoodie can add a unique and stylish flair to any outfit. Plus, the lack of long sleeves allows for greater mobility and ensures that your arms stay unrestricted while wearing them.

Fits: Oversized, Slim, Regular

When choosing the ultimate hoodie, the options can feel endless. But with some research and thought, you can find the one that fits your style best.

There are three main types of hoodie fits: oversized, slim, and regular: 

  • An oversized hoodie describes the roomiest possible fit and is ideal in cold weather or for casual occasions. Oversized hoodies are nice and cozy, giving you room to move around freely while staying warm.
  • Slim-fit hoodies are designed to hug your body while still allowing some freedom of movement. They look stylish when paired with jeans or super-soft joggers and come in various colors and prints.
  • Regular-fit hoodies provide a snug but comfortable fit without being too tight or too loose — perfect for everyday athleisure wear.

Fabrics: Cotton, Polyester, Fleece, etc.

Hoodies are incredibly popular pieces of clothing, wonderful for layering up over a t-shirt or tank top or for more casual wear. Hoodies are available in a wide array of fabrics and textures, from lightweight jerseys to heavier terry cloth. Each type of fabric offers its own unique benefits and drawbacks that should be taken into account when choosing the right hoodie for your wardrobe. 


Cotton is one of the most common materials found in hoodies and is generally used in lighter-weight varieties. Cotton hoodies tend to be softer than other fabrics and provide excellent breathability due to their natural fibers, which help keep you feeling comfortable all day long. 

However, cotton can also be prone to shrinking after washing, so read the care instructions carefully before laundering your hoodie. 

Looking to keep the cotton kind? Try to find options proudly bearing the OEKO-Tex certification like the ones we have at TomboyX. 

Polyester-Cotton Blend

Polyester-cotton blend hoodies are becoming increasingly popular due to their combination of qualities. Blending polyester with cotton fibers creates a stronger yet smoother fabric that won't shrink as much after washing, allowing for more durability over time compared to pure cotton hoodies. 

Additionally, this fabric has good color retention meaning it won't fade in sunlight as pure cotton might. 


Fleece is another popular fabric used in hoodie construction, offering superior warmth without adding much bulk. Fleece is often blended with other materials, such as polyester, for a soft feel and extra durability that makes it ideal for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

Generally speaking, fleece won't shrink as much as cotton when washed, but pilling can occur if the garment isn't treated correctly during laundering. Shop sustainability with hoodies made from recycled polyester fleece

French Terry Cloth

Terry cloth is a thick fabric traditionally used in towels but also commonly seen in hoodies too. Up the stakes, and we get French terry cloth. French terry cloth provides superior insulation against cold weather and has even been known to repel water somewhat. This makes it a wonderful option for snowboarding or skiing trips where you need both warmth and protection from wet weather conditions. 

Choose with care: The French Terry Hoodie will never let you down. 

Jersey (and Jersey Knit)

Back in the OG days of fashion, jersey was a stretchy, knit fabric that was made with wool. However, thanks to science, technology, and fashion, we now have jersey knit. 

Jersey knit fabric is often seen on athletic-style hoodies thanks to its lightweight yet durable qualities. Jersey material is usually composed of either cotton or synthetic fibers that provide superior moisture-wicking abilities while allowing air circulation throughout the garment. This makes it fabulous for running errands or working out at the gym during the cooler months of the year. 

And unlike heavier fabrics, jersey knit isn't prone to shrinking or fading after multiple washes making it easy to maintain over time without sacrificing its shape or color vibrancy. 


Satin is another luxurious fabric found on certain types of hooded garments ranging from parkas to kimonos and everything in between. Satin offers a deliciously silky feel that's lightweight and highly resistant to wrinkling. This is welcome news if you're looking for something more formal than your typical sweatshirt yet still just as comfortable. 

Just bear in mind that satin isn't exactly ideal when exposed to rain because it doesn't offer any form of waterproofing as some other fabrics do. Double-check that you have an alternative layer ready if rain should decide to show up! 

Conclusion: Choose Your Hoodie

No matter which type of hoodie speaks to you best, there's sure to be something out there that will meet both your fashion sensibilities and practical needs. Whether it's the classic pullover style or something more technical such as a fleece-lined zip-up, you have it in the (shopping) bag.

That said, take into account how often you plan on wearing it and where/when you plan on wearing it (think: outdoors vs. indoors). Factor in what temperature ranges you want protection from (lightweight materials = less insulation) when deciding which hoodie to purchase.

Not sure where to find a hoodie that's as awesome as you are? Check out our incredible inventory of top-quality hoodies here at TomboyX. From hoodies in solid colors to rainbows, you can always count on us to have just what you need to feel and look your best. 


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