French Terry Hoodie

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    With Our French Terry Hoodie, You’ve Got Options

    Are you looking for a hoodie you can wear for different occasions? Some hoodies can be good for cooler weather but may be too toasty to wear to the gym or to lounge during the warmer seasons. Well, we have a hoodie for you that strikes the perfect balance for those occasions!

    That hoodie is our French Terry Hoodie. Trust us when we say you’ll love it so much you’ll want to wear it wherever you go. And the best part is, you can!

    Relaxed Fit

    When you think about wearing a hoodie, you’re probably thinking about comfort. When it comes to the French Terry Hoodie, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. We make this hoodie with a relaxed fit. It’s is not too tight and not too baggy, either — a delightful middle ground.

    Not only will you be as cozy as can be, but you’ll be stylish, too. With the relaxed fit making waves across the fashion industry all over the world, you’ll be trendy without even trying.

    Between the one-of-a-kind fabric and iconic colorways, the TomboyX French Terry Hoodie has something for everyone you know, and everywhere you go.

    Why French Terry Is Perfect for Any Occasion

    Our French Terry fabric is totally unique (just like you).

    This OEKO-TEX® certified cotton is so breathable that you won’t find yourself overheating when you’re working out or chilling in the sunshine. With this fabric, air travels through to cool both your skin and the fabric. That’s something you’ll definitely want the next time you’re on the treadmill!

    Speaking of working out, we also love French Terry because of its moisture-wicking capabilities. Moisture-wicking fabric can do two things: move sweat through to the top layer of the fabric and quickly dry the sweat so that the fabric doesn’t cling on to it — a win/win.

    The French Terry fabric we use has an incredibly soft feel and a deliciously warm texture. You’ll want to stay wrapped in both day and night!

    A Cut Above the Rest

    As much as we love a classic hoodie, we love having options, too. That’s why we recreated the classic French Terry Hoodie in a sleeveless cut. If you want the comfort of a pullover but warmth isn’t what you’re looking for, then our sleeveless version is perfect for you. The sleeveless silhouette is perfect for showing off your arms or your favorite bra.

    That topped with a kangaroo pocket, and the options of choice of color and design will make this your new favorite hoodie. Colors range from sage to black, heather gray, and charcoal. The French Terry Hoodie, pullover or sleeveless, is here to cover anything the day calls for.