What Are the Softest Joggers To Wear in 2022?

person sitting on couch wearing softest joggers

Jogger pants are an essential part of any comfort lover's wardrobe. However, not all joggers and lounge pants are created equal.

Fit, style, material, construction, color, breathability, and durability are some of the factors that go into determining the quality of your perfect jogger, like any other activewear material.

So, what are joggers? How does this type of pants connect to sweatpants? What is the absolute best material to make a jogger from in terms of comfort? How can you style your favorite pair of joggers?

Piece by piece, we will define, rediscover, reinvent, build, and style the perfect part of joggers. To get started, let us first define joggers and how they connect to sweatpants.


What Are Sweatpants?

Sweatpants are a type of pants that, while initially designed as sportswear, now also double function as loungewear.

Sweatpants, depending on the style and quality of an individual garment, can often be considered athleisure. They were designed to be loose for freedom of movement, soft for warmth and comfort, and in our current day and age. These pants are often made from water-wicking materials despite their original story as pants that trapped sweat against us.

Sweatpants are a must-have for athletic activity. The best sweatpants are the perfect balance of baggy and stretchy, with a relaxed fit suitable for running errands or hanging out at home.


What Are Jogger Sweatpants?

The only technical difference that the dictionary draws from sweatpants in their definition of joggers is that joggers have a tapered leg starting at the calf and ending at the ankle.

Joggers may feature side pockets or perhaps zippered pockets designed for holding your phone, wallet, and other essentials. They are typically made from cotton blends mixed with moisture-wicking synthetic materials.

Effectively joggers tend to have more of a difference from their parent garment than just the slimmer calf. The fabrics usually differ, too: Sweatpants are geared more toward colder weather, and their insulating fabrics reflect this.


How Did Joggers Become Popular?

Many people trace back luxe athleisure wear to the boom of yoga pants and streamlined leggings. Nowhere is this more prominent than with sweatpants.

In the early 2000s, yoga pants had become about more than function. They were used for comfort and style, and other athletic clothing followed suit. Sweatpants were one such garment.

This transformation took two distinct paths. The first was increasing the quality of your everyday sweatpants.

Sweatpants started to be constructed from softer, more expensive materials. Likewise, clothing brands started making sweatpants from fabric woven with more innovative techniques.

These new items were usually worn with matching sweatshirts and other workout clothes.

As the breadth of the athleisure apparel sector expanded, so did the enthusiasm for more comfortable sweatpants.

As the quality of the fabric and the construction of the garments improved, the thought and craftsmanship that went into these garments did too. It was through time and dedication that the image of the slick, plush, high-end sweatpants we see today was born.

It was from the birth of the athleisure trend that we got the jogger. By taking the classic bell shape silhouette the original yoga pants created, hugging the hips, and drawing the line of sight down to the legs, designers created something new.

Joggers are looser at the top, similar to sweatpants, but tighten at the ankle, like the legging.

In terms of construction and fit, joggers may at first appear to be fancier sweatpants, but that’s not quite enough. Truly, the design of this garment makes it the child of both sweatpants and leggings.


What Are the Best Materials for the Softest Joggers?

When we think of sweatpants, track pants, or joggers, for the most part, we think of comfort. It stands to reason, then, that to have the highest quality of comfort possible, we should have the softest garment imaginable.

Sweatpants are made from many fabrics. Sometimes, they are made of fleece, knit, nylon, polyester, cotton, wool, Spandex, or even blends of materials. The best joggers are often made from very similar materials, with more variation. It’s exciting! We see joggers made from leather, denim, or even dress fabrics like linen.

Depending on how they’re woven, different fibers can create fabrics of all different consultancies, durability, strength, and even texture. However, there are a few cotton-derived fabrics that stand out above the crowd.

With so many choices, it wasn't easy to choose only three fabrics. Each of these ultra-soft, super cozy, feel-good cotton fabrics is absolutely perfect for sweatpants and joggers alike.

Here are some of our favorites:


First off, we have TENCEL™ Modal, a sustainable fabric that we use to make some of the softest joggers in our activewear collection.

This material is sustainably sourced from beechwood trees, a renewable resource that creates magically soft fabric. The cellulosic fibers used to make TENCEL™ Modal apparel feel ultra-soft on your skin, wick moisture away, and are low-maintenance in the cleaning department.

In addition to being incredibly comfortable, TENCEL™ Modal joggers are some of the most sustainable options available. The creators of TENCEL™ Modal fibers are outspoken about their concern for the environment, their commitment to sustainable production practices, and the quality of their products.

Some of the additional benefits of TENCEL™ Modal joggers include extra breathability, superior color retention, resistance to bacteria, and an oh-so-soft feel on your skin.

French Terry

Next on the list, we have French Terry joggers.

This material is ideal in terms of softness. It’s a knit fabric (similar to jersey knit) that’s softer on the inside and smoother on the outside. Though it is not always the best for working out, it is still functional enough.

It’s nearly impossible to beat French Terry when it comes to loungewear.

Jersey Knit Cotton

The final cotton we will look at is Jersey Knit.

Jersey is a knit cotton that is known for its use in athletic wear. Thanks to its lightweight, breathable nature, it works well as sportswear. Jersey is also incredibly soft and flexible, making it ideal for lounge-style t-shirts and pants. This fabric is one worth trying if you love soft, comfy clothes.


How Do You Dress Up Joggers?

Now you know that joggers are best in one of three kinds of cotton: terry, jersey, or fleece. We use these three materials to make our eco-friendly, high-quality collection of joggers, which come in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns.

So, now that you know how to find the softest joggers, let's talk about how to dress them up.

What Shoes Should You Wear With Joggers?

With the fitted lower calf of the jogger, you can make almost any shoe look chic. A high-quality pair of socks makes all the difference here, too.

If you want something super classy, any kind of slim or strap heel will do. For a more casual look, sport a solid pair of trainers or some well-loved loafers. Another excellent footwear partner for your joggers is a bootie.

What Shirts Go Well With Joggers?

A nice blouse is a reliable tool to make your jogger look upscale, but if you are going for a cozy vibe, a simple t-shirt tucked in at the front is a good option. A sweater shirt or striped rugby polo shirt can make your look fun and comfy as long as it is not too long. It's a perfect look for the WFH life or any other time when you need to elevate your joggers a bit.

In addition, if you’re going for a full-on athletic look, a tank top is the way to go. If you’re wearing patterned joggers, simple tanks in solid colors can keep your outfit balanced.

How Do You Pair Outerwear With Joggers?

Perhaps the most stylish way to dress up your jogger is by adding an outer layer. Whether you choose a blazer, hoodie, trench coat, bomber jacket, windbreaker, or any number of other options, with the versatile nature of joggers, you are sure to find a look you love.


Joggers for Every Body

The cozy, buttery-soft jogger in the right size — anywhere from XXS or XXL — is an essential piece to the athleisure look. With the right fabric, you can be both comfy and cute at the same time.

Through their complicated history, so much has gone into making joggers what they are today. Joggers are a wonderful option for those who simply wish to dress up their sweatpants, and they've become a mainstay in the modern fashion world.

Through innovation, a focus on eco-friendly materials and preserving threatened environments like the Amazon Rainforest, and a passion for making something better for people, fashion evolves and grows in ways we never expected.

Keep up with TomboyX to watch that evolution unfold.


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