Redesigning the Boxer Brief

Let’s give it up for the evolution of the boxer brief and how it’s changed the underwear game. The boxer brief originated as the hybrid answer in menswear to those who couldn’t decide between wearing boxers or briefs. The snug, comfortable fit prevents bunching and chafing often found with other types of underwear. In the ‘90s, fashion ad campaigns highlighted the boxer brief as accessible to all genders. Musical artists, models, and other celebrities capitalized on the “cool” factor of the boxer brief styles of the time which has since made a resurgence to the present day.

The boxer brief is a means of personal expression just as much as it is functional. Though some may contend underwear is just underwear, anything you put on your body is an extension of yourself. A peek of the waistband and wearing certain designs as outerwear is more the norm in today’s world and not reserved for any singular group.

Whereas by conventional understanding, boxer briefs were designed exclusively for men to wear. If an article of clothing was coined “unisex,” it didn’t actually mean just that. In fact, a unisex design originally referred to menswear that was created to fit smaller sizes of the male gender. Why should boxer briefs only be made available to men and not women? There’s really no valid reason, which is why TomboyX has designed a boxer brief for gender-nonconforming body types.

Ultimately, the boxer brief has evolved as a marker of inclusivity that circumvents size, gender, and age. Boxer briefs used to be seen as men’s underwear but with the way it’s been reimagined over the past several years, it’s not exclusive to one gender or body shape .That’s why we embrace it fully and have redesigned it to the quality that meets our standards. Everything from the fit to the types of fabric we use makes a difference in how a person feels while wearing our boxer briefs

To say we care about our customers would be an understatement. We know the difference between good and good enough and we’ve decided to deliver a redesign of the boxer brief that’s truly great.

Offering a Fit with a Larger Range

>Fit matters. No one wants a saggy bottom or material that scratches the skin. Comfort, breathability, and freedom to move are the key factors in an ideal pair of boxer briefs. At TomboyX, we are dedicated to helping you find your perfect fit. Our boxer briefs have been fit-tested on real people ranging in size from XS to 4X. Follow our size chart to select your size and benefit from our Love at First Wear guarantee

If you’re between sizes or the first pair of (regularly priced) underwear you buy doesn’t fit exactly as you wanted, you’ll receive a full refund or exchange. Measuring yourself for underwear is simple to do:

  • Stand on a level service with your feet together sans shoes.
  • Use a measuring tape to wrap around the fullest part of your hips and bottom and keep it level to the floor.
  • Find the size that best corresponds with your measurements.

Securing the right fit makes a huge difference in every aspect of life, even your undergarments. By offering sizes that extend beyond the traditional small, medium, and large, it allows more people to benefit from the choices available. Rather than forcing people to fit a certain size, it gives more room to have the size fit to them.

Designing with Fabrics That Give All the Feels

Once you’ve got the fit solidified, choose boxer briefs made of fabrics that feel good on the skin. We offer specialized collections with a variety of supportive fabrics to achieve the most for softness, stretch, and durability.

  • Enjoy comfortable reliability with our classic cotton fabric blend made of 95% OEKO-TEX® certified-cotton, an international standard for non-toxic fabrics. It’s designed to hold its shape wear after wear for long-lasting use.
  • Fall in love with our stretchable, luxurious MicroModal fabric made out of sustainably harvested and processed beechwood fibers. It feels super soft on the skin while honoring the environment at the same time.
  • Rely on the durability of the lightweight, quick-drying fabric of the Traveler line with  Silvadur™ antibacterial and anti-odor finishing. It moves with you throughout the day and keeps you feeling fresher when on-the-go.
  • Feel confident in 95% OEKO-TEX® certified-cotton with built-in leak protection of the First Line boxer briefs. Designed to hold up to 4 teaspoons of liquid and resist odors, it keeps you dry during light period days and incontinence.

While we can all agree that fit is important when customizing which pair of boxer briefs works for you, there’s no denying fabrics still have a job to do. We are as purposeful with our pick of fabrics as we are with how we process them. As part of our company values, we work with facilities that are majority women-owned or managed. It’s also important that these factories are sweat-shop free and pay employees a living wage in a safe and clean environment.

Additionally, we are focused on creating the greenest, cleanest processes. This includes using non-toxic fabrics, recycled water where applicable in our methods, and organic elements like crab and shrimp shells over synthetic chemicals to create the underwear. The integration of crab and shrimp shells are the reason why Tomboy X products are distinguished to have quickdry, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking properties. This results in products everyone can feel good wearing and feel good from an ethical standpoint as the underwear is eco-friendly and the manufacturing process recognizes the value of the workers behind the scenes.

Creating a Length and Function to Accommodate Every Body

After fit and fabric come length and function. Since size and height are two different things, we can appreciate a variety of body types, particularly when it comes to measuring an inseam. That’s why we offer the best boxer briefs with a 4.5”, 6”, and 9” inseam lengths to give adequate coverage for all and prevent riding up and chafing on the legs. From a functional standpoint, all of these types of boxer briefs are created to fit smoothly against the body.

No sagging or bunching, only silky softness and lightweight, breathable fabric. Also, with our signature stay-put waistband, you know the pair you pick won’t shift or become loose while you move. There’s also the addition of our packing boxer briefs with a deep pocket that accommodates a soft FTM packer to keep it securely in place all day long. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to feel the fabric between their skin and their packer.

There is a style to suit every person and their individual needs. Whether it’s a longer inseam, packing underwear, or the kind of leak proof underwear designed to combat incontinence and period leaks, we address concerns head-on and provide solutions that are practical and progressive. These are all needs that people face every day and there is a modern and creative way to handle each.

Laying the Foundation, Then Making It Fashion

Once you have the basics of a good fit, fabric, and functionality in place, then you can spare another “f” for fashion. As trends circle back to those of years past, underwear isn’t meant to only be purposeful; there’s a stylistic element as well. You can wear boxer briefs that match your mood, the season, or a particular event that may call for a special pair. Some days may call for classic colors while other days may call for something splashy.

When redesigning the overall aesthetic of how people view underwear today, one of the biggest factors is customization. In the early days of boxer briefs, it was all black, white, and grey, which are still classics to uphold on a regular basis. However, the 90s mirrored a time of minimalism in fashion that quickly switched to neon shades and designer logos. Now, there’s an increasing desire for a pop of personality that’s achieved through imaginative prints and culturally relevant touchpoints. There’s no limit to one trend versus another, there’s room for it all.

Plus, people aren’t only wearing boxer briefs underneath their clothing anymore. They have hit the mainstream as outerwear as well. With playful designs like cupcakes, avocados, and unicorns available, it turns the idea of the average boxer brief types on its head. Modern boxer briefs still maintain adequate support and coverage, but with a bit of whimsy added to the mix. The bottom line is people want to feel unrestricted when it comes to their clothing, regardless of the trend, time, or situation.

Giving extra to the ordinary is part of what makes life fun, in whatever form that takes. That could mean wearing prints of Winter Bears with stocking hats during the holidays or rainbows during Pride. There are several standout patterns and colors that will bring a smile to your face and anyone else who gets to see what you’ve got on. For a unique twist onfun stocking stuffers, consider gifting our boxer briefs with holiday prints.

Embracing the Boxer Brief Reimagined

As consumer preferences continue to evolve, so does our innovative approach. For most people, comfort is key when it comes to selecting a type of underwear, which is why we have made it a priority to embrace this need that people want the most in an unconventional way.

We’ve added our own special twist on the functionality and options that so many seek. TomboyX designs its variety of items with the consumer’s needs in mind. Not all bodies are created the same, nor do they fit in the same size. As long as the call for personalization continues to emerge, so will the evolution of the redesign.

From conception to final stitching, every detail of the TomboyX Boxer Briefs is applied with purpose. Our agenda is to supply you with the best fit when it comes to underwear, all while doing so in a clean and sustainable way that reduces our environmental impact. The actual design still follows the foundation of providing a quality fit and fabric in lengths that work well for a wide audience. However, the addition of using sustainable resources and eco-conscious processes are a significant part of the values people follow today. 

Ever since the boxer brief has emerged on the scene, it’s been a favorite among many. As long as it keeps pace with the modern world with improvements and modifications, the style will be an underwear (and outerwear) staple forever.