How to Choose the Best Boxer Brief For You

Life is good when you find underwear that fits, and even better when it feels like the fit was specially made for you. For anyone who’s worn an uncomfortable pair of boxer briefs, you know there’s a vast difference from a snug, comfortable fit and one that’s mediocre. We use uber-soft fabrics and test on all body sizes and shapes to create quality choices for all of the underwear options we offer. But how do you choose the best boxer briefs for you? We suggest starting with your perfect size, adding your own style, and above all, making sure they feel good enough to wear wherever, whenever.

Enjoy Comfort with the Perfect Cut

The most important factor when choosing your perfect pair of underwear is comfort, which means wearing boxer briefs that don’t bunch or shift when you walk or go about your normal routine. It means underwear that has breathable, lightweight fabric and wicks away moisture, while still feeling snug against the skin. All of the details matter when choosing what makes the cut.

Do you like boxer briefs that fit longer on the leg or a pair that provides a little extra support? The answer may be all of the above depending on where you plan to wear them and what you’re wearing over them. We’ve got a range of options to choose from, including the 6”Boxer Brief, 9”Boxer Brief, 4.5” Trunk, and Packing Underwear; you’re bound to find a pair that fits just right. Regardless of what you pick, when it comes to comfort, there’s no wavering, all of our styles feel super soft against the skin.

Size It Right

Once you’ve found your preferred cut, pick your size based on your hip measurement. There is nothing worse than underwear with a wide waistband falling off your hips. Our comfortable boxer brief styles run slightly larger, so keep that in mind as you consider if you want to size up or down. To measure your hips, stand barefoot with your feet together. Use a measuring tape to measure around the fullest part of your hips and bottom without pulling it too tightly. This will provide an accurate measurement to compare with our sizing guide and ensure your perfect fit.

Also, take advantage of our Love at First Wear guarantee. If you’re purchasing your very first pair of regularly-priced underwear with us and not happy with the size, you’ll receive a full refund or exchange as long as it’s within 45 days of purchase. We want you to love the fit as much as we’ve loved working on getting it just right.

The good news is that the boxer brief style is slimming no matter which specific cut you prefer. Since the cut isn’t as baggy as boxers and is intended to have a more comfortable fit than briefs, these boxer briefs move easily with you, are breathable against the skin, and flattering underneath anything you wear.

Show Off Your Personal Style

Once you’ve figured out your size, it’s all about showing off your individual sense of style. What you wear is a reflection of your personality. Why wouldn’t that include your underwear, too? Some days you may feel like a chic charcoal color is appropriate, while other days a multi-colored design is what’s right. Each style of boxer brief comes in its own unique pattern, which ranges from vibrant Rainbow Pride Stripes to a whimsical Sushi Print to the uber-trendy Avocados. Life’s more fun with underwear that makes a statement.

Even if there’s only a select few who will actually see your underwear besides you, it still can change your mood for the better. When you wear something that feels good and makes you smile, it carries into your day and can make a big difference. Get festive with the design of your boxer briefs and see how something as small as wearing cupcakes, penguins, or purple rainbow unicorns can really perk up a mood.

Start with a 6-Inch Inseam

The 6” Boxer Brief has the breathability to create cool comfort and easy movement. No adjusting necessary when you slip a pair of these on. We have options that are made with 95% MicroModal and 5% spandex fabrics; they’re soft, slightly stretchable, and eco-friendly–a win all around. The decorative faux-fly buttons and stay-put signature band add extra style and support for everyday wear.

Like all of our boxer brief styles, they are fit-tested on all body types and sizes range from XS to 4X so you’re sure to find the right fit. As one of our most popular options, think of the 6” Fly Boxer Brief like a trusted best friend: they’ve got you covered and help you feel your best at all times.

Add Extra Inches for Chafe-Free Comfort

Made with the same quality materials as the 6” version, the 9” Boxer Brief allows for more length on the inseam. A longer cut prevents chafing on the thighs for around the clock comfort, plus the stay-put waistband means you don’t have to worry about your underpants slipping down.

With both of these types of boxer briefs, you can see which fit makes you the happiest with the Love At First Wear Guarantee. Both the 6” and 9” Boxer Brief cuts come in a variety of colors and designs, such as the Sloth or Kapow! prints, to help shake up your underwear wardrobe and add a touch of playfulness even if the outside calls for a more buttoned-up situation.

Feel Confident with Our 4.5” Trunks

Choose from a selection of styles and colors and get ready to enjoy your best fit ever. No more too-snug underwear that cuts into the skin or leaves a rash because of low-quality fabrics. Our 4.5” trunks are made in a range of  fabrics, all designed to keep them feeling soft and the shrinkage at bay.

Try Packing Underwear for All-Day Support

Combine the high quality of our boxer briefs with an extra pocket to accommodate a soft FTM packer and hold it securely in place. Enjoy endless comfort from OEKO-TEX-certified cotton that feels lightweight and breathable. Plus, the three-button fly adds both a fashionable and functional embellishment.

As part of our line of trans underwear, get a fit that gives you the kind of support that’ll leave you feeling confident without worrying about shifts or slips. It’s an optimal choice for those who want to feel the fabric between their skin and packer.

Mix-and-Match or Buy a Multi-Pack

Finally, if you can’t decide on which cut is best or don’t want to choose favorites, mix-and-match individual cuts and patterns to match your mood from day-to-day. There’s no rule that says you have to wear one kind of underwear all the time. Or, if you find that one style and cut you simply love, make a commitment and go with a multi-pack. As with everything in life, it’s nice to have options and we have plenty for you.

What Makes Our Boxer Briefs Special

In addition to the luxurious comfort you’ll feel after slipping on a pair of our boxer briefs, we think you’ll feel good about wearing them, too. Why? First, we use eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Clean and green means something to us and we incorporate it as much as possible into the designs we create. From the MicroModal fabric made out of sustainably harvested Beechwood fibers to our recycling water process, we know that high quality is attainable without a huge carbon footprint.

In the same way we care about the environment, we care about the humans who work diligently to make every pair of underwear the same top quality that we and our customers expect. We believe in human-friendly working conditions, which means no sweatshops and living wages for all. We offer our employees from the U.S. to China time off and fair pay. We are committed to providing a safe and relaxing work environment with green areas and lots of light. For us, it’s not only about delivering the best, most comfortable underwear we can but also about having a purpose behind everything we do.

Making the Final Decision

Of all the daily decisions you have to make, choosing the best boxer briefs should be one that falls on the fun side. Who knew there were so many selections? Switch things up and see if a couple of different cuts are what’s missing from your underwear wardrobe. Play around with seasonal patterns and colorful staples.

We’ve got the perfect boxer brief for you. Once you find that ultimate fit, you’ll never want to let it go. Find a great pair in the right size and then stock up on underwear that showcases your personal style.