The Androgynous Guide To Winter Outfits

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When looking to freshen up your winter clothes, do you ever scroll through endless winter look lists, but you just can’t seem to find yourself in any of the outfits? All you want is to vibe in the chilly weather while wearing your perfect take on androgynous winter fashion.

It’s alright: We get it. Let’s look at how to sift through the options and find the perfect winter outfit for you.

Top Winter Style Trends for Androgynous Fashion

Over the years, more and more people have been invited to sit at the designer’s table. Now, we have more clothes than ever for every style and every person. Today, we’re talking about androgynous styles.

Here is a short list of androgynous style garments and winter outfit ideas that will be out in the streets in full force in the coming season.


Layers are a must for winter outfits. Good thing layers are fashionable because it’s hard to stay warm without them! Generally, it’s optimal to break your layers into three parts (but more on that later).

When you achieve outstanding balance in your layers by alternating fit, coordinating color, and achieving style, you have not only a practical look but a classic one. Layers are easy to dress up or down, and make it all your own.

Monochrome Outfits

Another coming trend this season has to do with color: Monochrome — using different shades of a single color.

It’s a bold idea, to be sure. This could be anything from a deep green to an eye-popping orange or even a classy black. Layering black knee-high boots, black skinny jeans, and a black leather jacket might sound like a lot of black, but it’s a unique take on androgynous winter dressing that you just might love.

Since it’s simply a color trend, it has no perceived bearing on who wears it, and the how is practically limitless as well. Again any style or cut of garment will work, and as far as color goes — changing hue, saturation, shade, and countless other factors have the potential to alter the vibe of the look completely.

Think about neutrals when dressing monochrome but never forget about the fun of prints. Prints are never not in style — they are the evergreen pizazz we bring to quiet moments and lively celebrations.

Fitted Garments

Fitted garments (think sleek blazers and tailored straight-leg pants) are staples of high fashion — think business meeting chic. Many use this kind of dress as office uniforms for a reason: It looks good on anyone.

Whether you’re wearing a perfectly tailored long-sleeve button-up or a turtleneck sweater made just for you, you’ll stay warm while looking your best.

Luckily, fitted garments are not only for upscale occasions. Take an elevated mood with you while you chill on the couch, or go for a run with streamlined black leggings.

Some Outfit Ideas and Inspiration

Check out these inspired winter outfits to get you started and on your way to finding your unique winter vibe:


Thanks in large to the pandemic, comfort wear is more prevalent than ever. Fashion has taken a new focus on loungewear, activewear, and even modern street style, all considered comfort clothing styles.

This style is called athleisure — it’s been around for about 100 years but is more popular than ever. Athleisure is about freedom of movement, gender expression, and everyday ease. Thanks to modern fashion trends, a beanie, your favorite pullover, and some sweatpants are in order.


What is one garment a winter-style comfort outfit should always have?

That’s right: A pair of joggers.

Joggers are easy to wear for a light workout, morning walk, or movie night with the dogs. These sleeker sweatpants are versatile for every shopper out there. They come in many colors, designs, and different fabrics.

You might go for a monochrome look in black or dark gray. Get in your base layer with some leggings and an undershirt. Then a dark-colored hoodie and joggers. You can top it off with a windbreaker for protection from the elements. Add in some sneakers, and you’ve got a cool and casual look that holds up for any adventure.

Or maybe you want something more energetic? You could try pairing a patterned jogger with a brighter coat or other outerwear. Joggers are a splendid piece for anyone to have around!


Onesies might just be the greatest lounge clothes ever invented. They’re adorable on literally anyone, super cozy, and come in so many fun shapes and colors.

Even better, the onesie started as a garment to fight the rigid impractically (and strictly) gendered fashions of the Victorian Era. Today, a onesie is the monarch of pajama culture, and we honor its OG purpose of androgynous fashion.

Instead of building a full fit out of a cashmere sweater, suede boots, and jeans, combine all those elements in one piece of versatile, comfy apparel.

What says winter cozy like a onesie, cuddled up on the sofa with a pet and a big faux fur blanket, drinking hot cocoa, and watching a favorite movie? A onesie is just a whole look by itself, so we must add one to our winter wardrobe ASAP.

How To Make Winter Outfits Actually Warm

Many of us can probably relate to the impulse to just throw practicality into the wind and wear whatever takes our attention at the moment, regardless of the weather outside. However, practicality doesn’t have to exist only at the exclusion of style.

Most people probably heard about layering and tucking in your gloves from a parental figure growing up. It was a surefire way to keep the cold off your skin. While such advice clearly stands the test of time, it isn't the only way to ensure your clothes keep you warm.

Here are some great ways to stay warm and not have to sacrifice your personal sense of style:

How To Layer Clothes

Layers again. It isn't just about making sure you have them; it’s about being intentional in what you wear in each layer can make all the difference.

First Layer

It’s often said that you want the first layer to be a water-wicking material like wool. You want a fabric that moves the water and sweat away from the body because keeping too much moisture near your skin will drop your body temperature in cold weather.

This first layer could be tights or leggings and a turtleneck.

Second Layer

The next layer might be warm fabric like fleece. A knit sweater or statement piece can work well here. Something insulating and warm. Depending on how cold the weather actually is, something like a blazer or cardigan can go here as well.

You can also layer over your leggings, tights, or long underwear. Depending on your style, you can layer jeans, dress pants, or even a cozy jogger.

Third Layer

The last layer will be your winter coat or whatever garment fits your environment and style. This item needs to keep you both warm and dry during the winter months. If you have a warm wool coat to throw on with some snug winter boots, that’ll complete your third layer pronto.

Keep Your First Layer Close and the Warmth Closer

The long underwear. Or leggings and a turtleneck. Or a t-shirt and tights.

Whatever your preference may be, these garments should be at least somewhat close to your body in fit. Otherwise, you risk having enough ventilation for the cold air to come into contact with your skin.

This makes the first layer the most important one in terms of functionality. The second and third can pull the outfit together.

Crop Tops, Not Crop Coats

You need at least one long winter coat if you want to stay warm. No, they don’t have to drag the floor or cover your ankles, but keeping the upper body covered in a proper winter coat will help you stay warmer and outside to show off your look longer. When it gets really cold, outerwear should at least reach around the hip area to be effective.

Winter Style Is for Everyone

Though it may not always be easy to see at first, inclusive clothing exists even in the fashion mainstream. All garments and clothing styles discussed here are not necessarily gendered, are cold weather appropriate, and are stylish.

Stay warm and stay you with the winter androgynous fashion of your dreams!


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