Non-Binary Celebrities You Didn't Know About

Jonathan Van Ness


Over the past decade, the world has seen an increase in representation for nonbinary and gender-fluid people. The increased global movement towards inclusion is opening doors for people to live their best lives. 

In fact, many celebrities have paved the way for others to feel safe sharing their gender identity and personal stories. These courageous actions show ordinary people that they, too, can live their truth and still achieve great things. 

What Does “Non-Binary” Mean?

Typical binary genders are assigned at birth and use the pronouns she/her or he/him to refer to individuals. However, gender is not so black and white. Gender sits on a spectrum similar to sexuality, and individuals can identify anywhere along it.

Non-binary is defined as not identifying exclusively as a man or a woman. Non-binary individuals may choose to go by the pronouns they/them, ze/zim, xe/xir, or do not use pronouns. Some non-binary people might prefer a mix of pronouns, including she/her and him/he at times. 

This allows individuals to not be defined and divided by a specific gender due to societal standards and creates more inclusive communication.

It's important to note that there’s not one clear, cut, and dry “look” to non-binary. This gender fluidity serves as a reconstruction of the barriers and boundaries we put on individuals because of the gender they were assigned at birth.

It allows individuals to fully express who they are outside of conventional societal stereotypes. Some non-binaries identify as more feminine, masculine, or a combination at different times in life. This identification holds space for authentic expression for all individuals.

Who Are Non-Binary Celebrities?

In the past few years, more and more celebs have identified as non-gender binary, gender-neutral, or genderqueer. Increasingly, tv shows and movies have started to show representation with shows such as Sex and The City, Grey’s Anatomy, and Atypical. These statements are breaking down gender identity barriers for individuals across all walks of life. A few celebs that have come out as gender fluid are:

Sam Smith

In 2019, during an interview for “I Weigh,” Sam came out as one of the music industry’s non-binary people, and Smith uses the pronouns they/them. Smith also noted they identify more in the middle of the gender spectrum. 

Demi Lovato

In 2021, American singer and podcaster Demi Lovato announced that they identify as non-binary.

The singer and actress originally became famous for their time on Disney as a young teenager. This kind of representation of an ex-Disney castmate is profound for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Since coming out a non-binary and pansexual, Demi uses she/her and they/them pronouns.

Miley Cyrus

The Billboard-topping singer and Hollywood actress, another ex-Disney star, stated in 2015 that she identified as gender fluid.

In her interview with Time, she said, "I'm just equal. I'm just even.” Miley also uses the pronouns she/her for gender expression. Miley works hard with multiple charities, bringing light to charities and important social issues. 

Sara Ramirez

You may know them as Dr. Callie Torres from Grey's Anatomy. In 2020, Ramirez came out as agender and uses they/them pronouns. Sara plays the first non-binary character in Sex and the City and the HBO Max series And Just Like That

On an Instagram post in August of 2020, the Grey’s Anatomy co-star wrote, “In me is the capacity to be Girlish boy Boyish girl Boyish boy Girlish girl All Neither #nonbinary."

Jonathan Van Ness

The star of Netflix’s show, Queer Eye, announced they identify with non-binary more the older he gets. He uses the pronouns he/him but also accepts being referred to as they/them or she/her. 

Van Ness said in an interview with Out Magazine that he describes himself as gender non-conforming. He said that gender as a strict social construct doesn’t apply to him, and he lives some days as a woman and others as a man.

Van Ness has proved an incredible voice for the queer community, even going to campaign on Capitol Hill in support of the Equality Act. 

Janelle Monáe

In January of 2020, Monáe – also a pansexual - came out as non-binary on Twitter through a tweet #IamNonbinary. They retweeted the Steven Universe meme with the caption, “Are you a boy or a girl? I’m an experience.” They said it resonated with them as someone who has pushed boundaries in gender throughout their career. Janelle is vocal about embracing their masculine, feminine, and also indescribable energy. 

 Monáe uses they/them pronouns.

Asia Kate Dillon

One of the first non-binary actors starring on TV, Dillon has starred in Taylor Mason in the show Billions since 2016 — a pivotal role for them. They even said playing the role of Taylor helped uncover that they identify as non-binary. In a Refinery 29 interview, Dillon said that seeing “they/them/theirs” pronouns in the script was an emotional moment. 

New York native Dillon has amazed audiences with their incredible acting talent and stunt work in the John Wick series, with the fourth and fifth parts coming to theaters soon. 

Dillon goes by they/them pronouns.


How Can I Support the Non-Binary People In My Life?


Take time to do your homework on what non-binary means and how to support the non-binary community.

This relieves the pressure on the LGBTQ community and the feeling that it’s their responsibility to educate the world. This could look like having conversations with non-binary individuals, researching the topic or interviews online, or following social media accounts that share information. We must never ask other people to be our teachers unless they offer — that pursuit is on us. 


Ask how someone prefers to be addressed and after learning their pronoun, actively use them. Additionally, take the time to monitor the language you use. Words are a powerful force for connection.

If used intentionally — or if not done intentionally, they can become a powerful disconnector. A key part of communication is asking for feedback on your language use to ensure you utilize inclusive vocabulary.


Seek out stories to learn more about the experiences non-binary individuals go through: Talk less and hear more.

As non-binary friends, family, and strangers share their perspectives and experiences with you, it’s more of a time to listen rather than reply. Non-binary individuals have likely spent their lives unable to share their truth, so holding space for them is the most impactful way one can show up and support them.

How Non-Binary Is Revolutionizing Fashion

As global gender inclusivity spreads and media shows more representation of gender fluidity, fashion is taking part in the movement to ensure all individuals can express themselves. With products that remove gender-specific detail and highlight neutrality, non-binary and binary individuals can find products that they feel authentic and comfortable in.

The fashion industry has an opportunity to continue pushing the boundaries of “appropriate” style. Fashion is one of the most common and profound ways individuals express themselves and with products that showcase authentic designs without sacrificing quality, fit, and comfort. At TomBoyX, we design gender-inclusive essentials that allow us all to live as authentically and comfortably as possible. 



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