Gender Neutral Underwear

By Stephanie Campisi

Gender Neutral Underwear

Few items of clothing are more clearly gendered than underwear.

Women’s underwear is stereotypically characterized by lace, frills, underwires, fiddly straps, thongs and the occasional pair of “granny panties.” Men’s underwear, on the other hand, is known for stretchy fabrics, snug-fitting waistbands and easy breezy Y-fronts. “Grandpa pants” is a term still waiting to be coined.

The difference? One’s about the underwear's appearance. The other is comfortable underwear. It’s a stark divide. But imagine how much better things could be if binary underwear wasn’t a thing. If all genders could be just as comfortable in their own skin – and what we wear on it.

What you wear reflects who you are. Wear something that feels right.

Gender neutral underwear isn’t made for a particular gender or a particular assumption about who you should be. Neutral isn’t exclusive. It’s inclusive. It’s for everyone, wherever and however you identify.

When you go neutral, you take gender out of it, opening up opportunities for universal comfort, fit and performance. You find commonalities with everyone around you. And you can self-invent yourself, unburdened and unconstricted by societal expectations where a binary aesthetic = personal identity.

Because let’s face it - selecting from column A or B doesn’t exactly encapsulate the complex, rich people we are, or how we identify from day to day.

It’s your body. So dress it in underwear that’s authentically you.

When your choice of underwear stops reflecting the fulfillment of someone else’s desire and starts being about the person wearing it, it paves the way for an authentic performance of self.

Underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning. And it’s the last thing you take off at night. The underwear that you choose shapes your day – and who it’s lived for. When you go neutral, you’re choosing a comfortable pair of underwear, or comfortable braletteover societal expectations.

You’re choosing comfort in who you are – and true self-expression that’s not about conforming to what’s expected. It's about having a choice of color tone for what makes nude underwear. It’s about being who you were born to be. And we think that’s pretty great.

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