How To Find the Perfect Clothes That Fit Your Body Best

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That cute t-shirt you found online will be fab for your upcoming vacation, but how will you know what size to order? And how can you guarantee that you won’t have to send it back?

Finding clothes that fit your style and your personality while also fitting your body takes a bit of work. It can be challenging to find clothes that check all those boxes and disappointing when certain pieces don’t fit how you want them to. 

The good news is that there are many ways to make shopping for your unique body easier. Instead of spending hours trying on clothes at the store or shipping your online orders back because the sizing wasn’t what you thought it would be, you can follow some of the style tips listed below. 

Let’s discover how to find amazing clothes that fit your body:

Hacks to Finding Getting Your Measurements

Measuring your body for clothing can make all the difference. Now, this might seem like a no-brainer, but our body shapes are changing all the time, so having accurate and updated measurements can be helpful. 

In order to do this, you will need some soft measuring tape. If you don’t possess a soft measuring tape, but you do possess some string or even your phone charger, that can work too. Just make sure you have something to measure the string with!

Let’s get into our DIY at-home fitting room now:

A Few Tips Before You Start

When taking these measurements, be sure to ditch the baggy clothing. You want to get an accurate representation of your body. Wear tight-fitting clothes or nothing at all. You do you! 

To make the measuring process more manageable, you can enlist a friend’s help. Have them measure you themselves or get them to jot down your numbers. A second helping hand can make this task go by swiftly.

When you are wrapping your measuring tool around your body, be sure not to wrap it too tight or too loose. This could lead to inaccurate sizing. You may also need to round up depending on what you measure for. 

What Should You Even Be Measuring?

You will need to measure certain areas of your body depending on what clothes you are buying. If you’re in need of the perfect-fitting bra or swimsuit top, you might want to measure your bust/chest.

Here are a few more areas listed below:

  • Neck
  • Bust/Chest 
  • Waistline
  • Hips
  • Inseam
  • Sleeve
  • Thigh 

These specific numbers will be tremendously helpful when shopping and guide you to clothing fit. Write them down on a piece of paper or somewhere on your phone. You can use these numbers to judge whether you will need to buy a size up or a size down; this will make your whole shopping experience much more pleasant.  

How To Use Your Unique Measurements When Shopping 

So you just wrote down all your measurements. Now what? 

The hard part is over. Now, all you need is an understanding of how to apply your specific measurements to a size chart in order to find clothes that fit like a dream. Basically, consider us your personal stylist.

Navigating a Size Chart 

A size chart will tell you what garment to buy based on your personal measurements. There are usually columns with the area of the body listed and a range of different sizes. Look for the range that you fit, and it will direct you to the size that will fit you best. Easy.  

The tricky part can be finding clothing brands that make clothes fit your body and that are inclusive of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the standard U.S. sizing doesn’t accommodate everyone. Some retailers can exclude bigger as well as smaller sizes while also categorizing by gender. 

TomboyX provides you with a sizing chart when shopping so you can get the best fit for your body. We are more than aware of this issue and offer inclusive sizes for everyone. 

TomboyX Sizing

TomboyX offers sizes 3XS to 6XL. This wide selection makes it effortless to find your right size. Just use your measurements to figure out where you fall on our sizing chart. We celebrate all body types, and we care about how our products fit.   

At TomboyX, we make it easy to find the most accurate fit for you. From underwear, bras, swimsuits, and pajamas to athletic wear, we test our products to ensure that you will get the best fit for your body.  

With your specific measurements and inclusive sizing chart, the next thing you have to do is find what fits your personal style and what is going to make you feel most comfortable and confident. 

Be a Little Extra

Now that all the boring numbers are out of the way, there are a few more tips you can use to find the perfect fit for your body. If you feel inclined to, you can figure out what body type you are and research different styles according to that. 

You may find that you love this tip, and you may find that this tip isn’t for you, and that is okay! 

Figuring Out Your Body Type 

Your body type is simply just the shape of your body. Every single person and their body is different in its own way. There is no right, wrong, or trendy body type. 

When trying to figure out the right fit for your body, it could possibly be helpful to take into account your body type. Some people like to try to flatter their unique shape with specific clothing choices, while others couldn’t care less about their type. It is up to you whether you want to take this into consideration when shopping.

The Different Types 

Because each individual body is so unique, there are countless body types. Some have grouped similar types into general categories to make it easier for fashion. A few of the categories are the apple, triangle, rectangle, and hourglass.

You can follow suggestions when looking for clothes according to your body type or find a celebrity with a similar shape and see how they dress. This is entirely up to you. You can follow a guide for your shape, look at celebrity inspo, or make your own rules.   

Be Comfortable and Confident 

Do you like to buy chinos a size bigger? Maybe you love to show off your curves in a form-fitting blazer and chic bralette. No matter the preference, it can be nice to know what you like and what you do not like before shopping for new garments. 

What is most important is making sure that you feel confident and comfortable with what you have on. Feeling comfortable impacts your mental health more than you might think. This is why finding the perfect fit for your body can be essential. It also just feels good to feel good about what you’re wearing. 

So What Makes You Feel Like This?  

Think about an outfit or clothing item you feel your best in and investigate. How does the way the fabric fits your body make you feel? Perhaps you’re more comfortable in a tight top and baggier bottom. Think about every little detail. 

Are you addicted to the feel of a high-waisted active bottom, or are you a fan of low-rise underwear? Being conscious of what you are drawn to in clothing can aid you in buying the right fit for you while also making sure you’ll feel comfortable. 

Try This

If you prefer looser clothing, you can take your measurements, look at the size chart and determine whether or not you should get a size up for the right fit for your personal comfort. Read into if the product is going to be a regular fit, meaning standard, or a relaxed fit, meaning a bit looser. Use your best judgment, and make sure to check in with the sizing chart! 

Always make sure to check the details of the product. They will tell you essential information that can determine if the product will be the right fit for your body. For example, if you are looking at a shirt, look at what kind of neck the shirt has (and sleeve length) and if it fits into your realm of comfort and style. 

For example, snab some clothing in larger sizes if you like layering — we’re talking plaid button-up shirts over tank tops for a 90s grunge moment. Or, try on a loose-fitting sweater over a slim-fit dress shirt that’s both workwear and something to wear on a cozy day of board games. 

The Bottom Line

Finding clothes that fit your body flawlessly doesn’t have to be hard! A few things can make your whole shopping experience stress-free and leave you feeling self-assured about your purchases.  

Taking the time to measure your body for clothes is essential. Having these measurements on hand will make looking at the sizing chart a breeze, and TomboyX has a unique sizing chart that fits every unique body. 

The word “perfect” is different for everyone, so find your own version of perfect. Maybe try dressing according to your body type or figure out if you are more comfortable in loose or tight clothing. The ideal fit is tailored to you and your personal preferences!  

Now that you know how to find clothes that fit your body, go get your measuring tape and get started!


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