Happiness is a Warm Hoodie

Let’s talk about hoodies, okay? Everybody’s got that one hoodie they love in their wardrobe – even if it’s old, faded, and tattered, it’s got that whole “worn-out pair of jeans” comfort. But what’s also great about a hoodie is how you can express who you are through its color, texture, style, and how you wear it. So whether you choose to sport a tattered sweatshirt or a French-Terry hoodie, your loungewear can be a reflection of who you are.

Back in the day, this type of clothing was the sort of blue-collar garb sported by athletes or construction workers, eventually evolving into an icon of street culture. But today, this garment is worn by pretty much everyone, regardless of race, age, and gender. And it’s easy to see why – hoodies are comfortable, useful, and easy to grab when headed out the door.

Now that it’s September, we’re in the midst of hoodie season. Because hoodies are a great layering piece for any outfit, they’re perfect for this time of year when the days are chill and the nights are chillier. Let’s take a look at some popular hoodie styles and how to kick your fall apparel up a bit with this casual (and occasionally dressy) wardrobe staple:

Zip-Up Hoodie

This style of hoodie sort of signals your level of social interaction. When you zip up, flip the hood up, and throw on some shades, it’s like you’re in your own little privacy cocoon. But when you’re ready to join the world and converse with other humans, the zipper and the hood go down. And the versatility doesn’t stop there. Depending on the occasion and outfit, a zip-up hoodie can easily be dressed up or down. Obviously, you would dress it down by wearing it unzipped, exposing a classic rock t-shirt with sneakers and ripped jeans. But you could also get all bourgeois by wearing it halfway zipped over a tanktop mini-dress with accessories like a choker necklace, hoop earrings, and high-heeled suede boots.

Pull-Over Hoodie

Perfect for football games, outdoor adventures, or even just walking out to the mailbox, the pullover hoodie keeps it simple yet practical. And the kangaroo-style pockets in the front are good for keeping your hands warm when you don’t have a hot mug of coffee to wrap them around. This style tends to be more sporty or casual and pairs perfectly with leggings or skinny jeans, sneakers, and a knit hat. If you’re In warmer weather, you can opt for french terry or cotton fabric and wear it with shorts or a denim miniskirt.

Crop Hoodie

Now that high-waisted pants are the rage, this style complements your high-rise belt line. This style can come in zip-up or pullover, so choose the style you like best. It can actually look quite stylish with high-waisted jeans or leggings, especially if you strut around wearing some glossy zebra-stripe pumps. Get it, girl. The zip-up version also looks good over a longer tunic top for a more layered look.

Hoodie Dress

If you love the warmth of a hoodie but want to feminize it a bit, the hoodie dress is versatile and can definitely alternate between daywear and going-to-the-club wear. And while it’s intended to be worn as a dress, it can also go over fitted jeans or leggings for added warmth. That’s the best part about hoodies. Whatever way you choose to style a hoodie is up to you and what you feel most comfortable with. As for footwear, this dress could work with a variety of kicks, depending on where you’re headed. Pair it with sandals on warmer days, throw on some sneakers when hanging out with friends, or step it up with some knee-high boots if you’ve got a hot date.


Basically a hoodie without the hood, the sweatshirt is as casual as it gets. Today’s sweatshirts aren’t really sweated in as much as they are lounged around in. This garment is handy when you want to stay warm but don’t want the bulk of a hood – for instance, when you want to wear it under a jacket that already has a hood. Whether you like wearing sweatshirts with your alma mater printed across the front or you like the a cozy fit kind for sleeping in, the various ways you can wear a sweatshirt are endless. If you want to class your sweatshirt up a bit, wrap a nice scarf around the neckline and pair it up with textured leggings or skinny jeans and ankle boots.

Ready to get your hoodie on? At TomboyX we have our own line of French Terry hoodies that are amazingly comfy and offer fun prints inside the hood area. We offer both zip-up and pullover hoodie styles so that you can choose what will fit your unique style best. With a ribbed waistband and cuffs at the wrist, you can really seal in the heat on a chilly day, and our extra-soft French Terry cotton will keep you both cozy and stylish indoors and out.