Gender Neutral Fashion Trends: An Overview

person laying on couch wearing gender neutral clothing

If you're a person who enjoys non-gendered clothing, there is no better time than the present. More and more brands are embracing genderless fashion, and we're here to explore some of the trends in the industry today.


Oversized Apparel

Oversized — that's the word for gender-free fashion trends this year.

The unisex fashion world really came out and said, "go big and go bold," this year. From large boxy blazers to loose-y goose-y button-downs, the fit is not form-fitting.


Oversized Bomber Jackets

No matter who you are, the oversized bomber jacket, accompanied by a t-shirt and jeans, is a fast pass to looking both tough as nails and stylish enough for the runway. It's the best of all worlds in a single garment.


Oversized Button-Downs

Button-down shirts are a classic of the formal and professional world. With proper tailoring, they're sleek, spiffy, and stylish. Of course, trends this year are loose and casual.

So how do we take a structured classic and put a fun spin on it? Oversize!

The oversized button-down is a magnificent garment to add to your personal wardrobe this year. Leave it part way unbuttoned, button it, or unbutton it.

Tuck it in with a French tuck, or leave it out. Go for the classic white, or maybe you want to try a unique color. Layer it, or maybe wear it by itself. This trend feels so creative, so unleash your imagination.

Gender-Neutral Outerwear

The Trench

The trenchcoat is always a classic silhouette in non-binary streetwear. It's been around for more than a century (first popping up in 1907). The trench is often associated with the classy and dark detective novels and black-and-white films of the 1920s. This coat lends an air of mystery to whoever wears it.

Protective in chilly weather and always in vogue, is there anything the trench can’t do?


Hoodies With Blazers

The hoodie and blazer are the absolute stars of gender-fluid fashion in 2022.

This style is an easy way to look both put-together and casual. Instantly elevate your look by tossing a roomy blazer over a French Terry Pullover Hoodie. Both hoodies and blazers are gender-inclusive staples for everyone and all gender identities, so go forth in comfort and style!


Leather Jackets

Of course, no gender-neutral style guide would be complete without the classic Greaser, 80s hair band, rebel child leather jacket. Luckily for us, they seem to be one of the most trendy garments to have in your agender wardrobe this year.

Leather jackets are very versatile garments. Though usually in black, they can come in many colors, from natural brown to fire engine red. They have a tendency to match well with many outfits and styles. Leather jackets can be oversized and baggy, following some of the other trends this year, or they can be tailored.

Gender-Neutral One-Piece Garments


Overalls, coveralls, and jumpsuits — we love them all equally. Each of these truly deserves its own category.

Let’s chat about overalls: This staple in genderless clothing has definitely made an impact.

Fashion designers have taken the overall from its OG purpose (clothing for fishers and farmers) to a ground-breaking, must-have statement piece. Now, you can see overalls on organic farms and at New York Fashion Week.


Here’s the difference between overalls and coveralls: overalls generally have straps. Coveralls tend to have long sleeves. So, if you miss your overalls come winter, coveralls will have your back.

One-piece suits (like coveralls) have become playful symbols of gender fluidity in the LGBTQIA community. Over the past few years, we've seen varying colors, patterns, and styles introduced to this timeless one-piece which has breathed new life into it.


Every Color of the Rainbow

We've covered plenty of amazing style tips from gender-neutral brands, but we have one more to share. If you’ve seen coverage of fashion at Pride Events on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, you’ve probably noticed this big moment: colors!

Bright, mismatched colors were a hallmark of 80s-style trends. Who doesn't love it? This year, bringing every color of the rainbow together — often all at once — is hotter than ever.

You can shout your style with exciting neon moments or keep it subtle with one neutral shade and one splashy color.

This trend screams, "Fun!" from the rooftops. Loud colors in pieces like tees, hoodies, and joggers are an easy way to let people know you're here to get the party started.


Gender Neutral Shoes

Chunky Loafers

Meet chunky loafers.

Loafers are already a grand style among the classics in footwear, and they certainly break the gender binary norms. Loafers are so versatile; they come as beach wear, loungewear, professional/dress wear, and more.

This year, a new style of loafers is trending: big loafers — like, cartoon big. We're talking wider soles, taller soles, and wider shoes altogether.

It's a style that's been prominent in the Harajuku Fashion District of Tokyo, Japan, for a while now, and it's so good to see chunky loafers go global. If this style appeals to you, be sure to get a pair for yourself.



Can you believe clogs are back? How long has it been? These shoes are cozy, clunky, and amazing!

Paired with sunglasses and a dark-colored trench coat, these shoes feel like a New York kind of vibe. They scream, "Look at me!" They're lazy but vivacious, simple but gorgeous, and the telltale-clicking sound they make lets everyone know they exist.

Your mom probably had a pair from an obscure fashion brand once upon a time, but if your mom knew nothing, so would you. Clogs were a thing your mom got right.

Trust the clogs.



Yes, sporty is stylish — now more than ever before.

Though athleisure has quite a long history in men's and women's fashion (and everywhere in between), its current prominence is largely thanks to the pandemic.

Since the pandemic, athleisure styles and apparel have been on the top of millennials and Gen-Z’s wishlists. The world of fashion is entering a comfort revolution, and many feel that these athleisure styles are well on their way to becoming classics.

Athleisure Stapes

There are dozens of stunning styles in the ever-expanding world of athleisure. Joggers, sweatsuits, shorts, form-fitting underwear, and more. Feeling warm and cozy is the new standard for style, so go right ahead and rock that look!

Biker Shorts

Another hallmark of the 80s, there’s almost nothing more sleek and stylish than biker shorts. These shorts came to the spotlight with a little help from fashion icons like Jane Fonda and Princess Diana.

No longer just for breaking a sweat, biker shorts (especially biker shorts with pockets) can take you from walking the dog in the AM to meeting up with friends for lunch in the PM.


Wide-Leg Pants

While huge in the 70s, to be honest, we feel like wide-leg pants have never left us.

Wide-leg pants go well with many styles and body types. What's not to love? They're cute yet dramatic. Their flowy silhouette allows for an extended range of movement other pants may not.

Recent years saw flavors of the wide leg in trends like the paper bag cut pants, but this year we're excited to see them back in their full range and glory. We've seen them everywhere, from the red carpet to the runway to the stage.

Gender Neutral Tops

White Tanks

A simple white tank is a perfect companion to other oversized trends, such as wide-leg pants, chunky shoes, and the leather jacket. Easy for most people to get, classic, breathable, and a staple, this garment would act as a great balancing piece to other, wider choices on this list.



Knitwear, specifically the sweater vest, is the perfect choice for any wardrobe that doesn't quite fit into the menswear or womenswear category.

Cozy, cute, and classic sweater vests can add a flair of self-expression to any outfit. Designers make these from knit fabrics, cotton, synthetic materials, wool, and more, so there are plenty of textures to choose from.


The Future of Style

There are so many fantastic options out there for a gender-neutral wardrobe, and more and more keep coming every season. The world has been begging for less gendered trends, and the fashion industry has been responding. Let's get excited about what we might see in future years!

If you're looking for gender-neutral, on-trend clothes to add to your wardrobe, look no further than our collection at TomboyX. Our high-quality clothes break gender boundaries and look incredible on every body.



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