4 Ways Unisex Underwear Promotes Inclusiveness


If there is anything the 2020s will be known for throughout history, it’s the progress made by the LGBTQIA+ community. Every year can be marked by steps toward inclusiveness and representation.

You can see signs of that progress in your everyday life if you pay attention. In many states around the US, residents can acknowledge their gender identity as non-binary on their driver’s licenses. In job applications, you now have more options when indicating your gender. Transgender students are competing on teams based on their gender identities.

On top of that, the movement has been affecting the fashion industry, too. All throughout time, fashion has always followed the political and societal climate, and we can still see that now. 

The changes in the fashion industry are a huge step towards creating a society that promotes inclusiveness. Keep reading to find out how unisex underwear plays a part.

It Tears Down Gender Norms

Although the LGBTQIA+ community has come a long way in the past century, there’s still so much to do. Much of our world is still deeply rooted in ideas based on gender norms and stereotypes. Those norms and stereotypes are more harmful than people may realize.

Men and women each have their own set of expectations for how they will behave, what things they will enjoy, who they will love, and how they’ll dress. The clothes designed for them to wear are tailored to accent features that each should have based on those stereotypes.

When it comes to intimates, people who had their gender assigned as female at birth are expected to wear lingerie that society deems appropriate for them. That means they should wear certain types of bras like a bralette or push-up bra. As far as underpants go, it’s typical “women’s underwear” like thongs and bikini underwear.

Likewise, people who were assigned male at birth have society telling them that they need to be “manly.” For them, that’s wearing “men’s underwear” from the typical brief underwear and boxer shorts.

All of those expectations are thrown out of the window with unisex underwear. This underwear allows us to start blurring those lines between male and female and translate the broadness of the gender spectrum into our undies. That creates space for people of any gender to break out of society’s mold and create their own paths.

Widens the Selection for Everyone

While it’s possible  — and encouraged — for people to break away from gender norms, that doesn’t always mean that they identify as any one gender. However, for some people, that is the case. It isn’t just that they don’t comply with their assigned gender’s expectations — they may not identify with any gender at all.  

Some non-binary people have found that identifying as male or female feels restrictive. Other terms they use for self-identification include genderqueer, bigender, and agender, among others. At the same time, some non-binary people identify with all genders. 

There is so much nuance that comes with identifying as non-binary. Because of that nuance, it’s important to be as supportive as possible. Of course, that support includes all things fashion, including underwear.

Because some non-binary people don’t always identify with a specific gender, so they may not be as likely to wear underwear that clearly represents a specific gender. That’s where unisex underwear comes in as a way of being more inclusive.

With gender-neutral underwear, the only expectations are comfort and providing different kinds of coverage for different needs. This underwear is our way of opening up the door for non-binary people to feel comfortable in their skin and find relief from societal pressures, no matter if they do not identify with any gender or with all genders. 

Allows for More Exploration

In general, fashion (like gender) has long been strictly binary. Although the two most prominent genders have incorporated bits and pieces of clothing from the other into their wardrobes, there historically wasn’t much room in between.

It’s important to widen that gray area and allow more overlap between genders. That’s especially the case when we think about the next generation. We want to create an environment that sets them up to discover and accept who they are so that they can reach their full potential.

We can’t help but imagine the change once gender-neutral clothing becomes a standard selection with every retailer and underwear brand. People won’t have to wait until they’ve lived half their lives to find that reality. It can start earlier so that people can live more fulfilled lives.

At TomboyX, we get that a pair of underwear can be what opens the door to self-discovery and self-acceptance. It can take one piece of clothing to begin that journey. That’s yet another way unisex underwear promotes inclusiveness.

Welcoming All Body Shapes and Sizes

The topic of the shape and size of someone’s body can be sensitive. The body positivity movement is constantly growing and changing, encouraging people all over to change their perspectives on their body image. However, there are still scores of people who struggle with accepting how they look.

Some don’t have the curves, the slimness, or the height to fit the clothes filling our stores.

Other people may struggle if they are transitioning to another gender or are non-binary. Again, their bodies don’t match the expectations designers have when it comes to certain clothes. Luckily, unisex clothing fills in the gap. 

As far as undergarments, unisex underwear provides another option for the people that relate to this problem. They’re specifically constructed in a way that doesn’t conform to any specific gender and should fit anyone and everyone.

Some of the kinds of intimates that fit this category are boy shorts, girl trunks, lady boxers, boxer briefs, bikini briefs, and much more. There’s a type of unisex underwear for everyone, regardless of gender identity or body shape.

Best-Seller Unisex Undergarments

If you feel like you can identify with any of the things we’ve talked about, then your next step might be searching for some unisex clothing. Well, if undergarments are on that list for you, then there’s no need to look further. We’ve got a collection you’ll love.

Gender Euphoria Collection

Our Gender Euphoria collection is as inclusive as it gets. This collection has everything from tucking bikinis for anyone transitioning or wanting the specific cut and coverage of a bikini to fly-packing boxers and compression tops.

This collection has a wide range of fabrics in addition to styles. For example, consider this unique improvement on traditional cotton underwear, the 6" Fly Packing Boxer - Black Rainbow. This boxer brief is made from OEKO-TEX Certified cotton® and Spandex for underwear so silky and stretchy it might as well be sleepwear

Tucking Hipster

We want to highlight the Tucking Cheeky Hipster. This underwear defies all expectations for gendered underwear. It can give a snug fit and the same coverage as any pair of cheeky underwear regardless of gender, sex, or genitalia. It even has a fold-over elastic on each of the leg openings so that you’ll always have a secure fit.

It's as soft as can be, thanks to 100% OEKO-TEX certified polyester. Plus, if you’re planning on wearing this in warm weather or while you’re working up a sweat, you’ll be glad to know that it’s breathable, odor resistant, and moisture-wicking. Then, we can’t forget to mention that it’s fit-tested for all body types. 

The Tucking Cheeky Hipster is a staple item you’ll want to add to your growing gender-affirming wardrobe and a shining example of how unisex underwear is changing fashion.


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