Butt Shapes: The 6 Different Types

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Are you curious about different types of butt shapes and how to celebrate your own unique backside? Good news: You're not alone! Whether you've got a round, heart-shaped, or square-shaped derrière, there are countless ways to celebrate the booty you were born with. 

In this post, we'll explore the different shapes of butts and how to best enhance and appreciate each one. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn all about your beautiful bum!

Round-Shaped Butt

The round butt is probably most commonly known as the “bubble butt” or “apple butt.” It gives an hourglass figure since it is usually paired with wide hips and a smaller waist.

It’s often more symmetrical than other shapes and may even feature a slight indentation in the center of the buttocks. This look is achieved by curvy muscle mass, but those who exercise regularly may be able to add some definition to their round bottom. 

People blessed with this shape of behind often opt for jeans or skirts that sit mid-rise on their hips for optimal visual effect.

Square-Shaped Butt

Those with square butts tend to have very balanced proportions in terms of width and length. The sides lie parallel to each other when viewed from behind, giving it its namesake. A square butt is typically more muscular and defined than other types because it requires strong glute muscles for stability — squats work well for strengthening this part of the body!

To give this bottom an extra boost, wear high-waisted bottoms or tops with an empire waistline.

Flat Butt

Flat butts are small and sleek and are the hallmark of some truly fab celebs. Flat butts shine in tight-fitting fabrics like skinny jeans or bodycon dresses. These garments hug all your curves, and you usually don’t have to worry about anything slipping out as you tear up the dance floor or cross the marathon finish line.

These butts might find it more comfortable to wear thongs or stay secure in booty shorts. Some people with flat butts like to take advantage of heavily-embellished rear pockets and ribbed fabrics for the extra dose of definition. Or opt for high-waisted shorts!

Heart-Shaped Butt

Also called "Cinderella's Slipper," this kind of bottom features two halves which are bigger at the top and narrower towards the bottom section where your legs meet at the hip joint line. 

Since this butt shape naturally draws attention upwards, it is recommended to wear high-waisted bottoms such as high-rise jeans or long shorts to accentuate it properly while keeping everything else balanced out visually. Longer hemlines are also beneficial as they draw the eye downwards while providing some extra coverage below if desired. 

Pear-Shaped Butt

With this kind of figure, your butt will typically be larger than your waistline and hips. This type of derriere truly shines when dressed in fitted clothes that skim over the area without clinging too tightly. Think: bootcut jeans or A-line skirts paired with snug tanks and form-fitting turtlenecks. 

To give yourself extra definition around the curves, choose clothes that cinch at the waistline, like belted dresses or wrap skirts. 

Spoon-Shaped Butt

Finally, there's the spoon-shaped butt which has more projection at the top than at the bottom (think upside-down heart). Some people even refer to this as an “inverted heart” shaped bottom because of its unique contours. 

Unlike other shapes, you won't find a lot of symmetry here, but that doesn't mean it's not attractive. In fact, many find spoon-shape bottoms aesthetically pleasing due to its curvier upper half — it's just another way our bodies come in unique shapes and sizes.

All Butts Are Best

No matter what type of derriere you possess, you can treat your butt to some fashionable looks and fun exercises. Whether you love hiking with friends or getting your steps in by strolling through the world’s largest shopping mall, moving and grooving is a great way to strengthen your butt to keep your butt comfortable throughout your everyday life. 

So grab your fav athletic bottoms for your perfectly unique bottom and head to the beach, to brunch, or to barre class. 

How To Identify Your Butt Shape

Now that you’re up to speed on the different types of butt shapes, let’s go over the steps to identify yours. 

Step 1. Look at yourself in a full-length mirror in a well-lit room — the more light, the better.

Step 2. Take note of the overall shape formed by your hips, waist, and thighs when viewed from the side. Is it curved, straight, angular, or hourglass-shaped?

Step 3. If you find it difficult to tell what kind of shape your buttocks are naturally forming, try using something like a soft measuring tape to get a better idea of its exact dimensions. This can help determine whether it is rounder or longer than average.

Step 4. When looking at yourself from the front view, think about whether there is an evenness in terms of width across both sides and if there is any asymmetry between them. Knowing this information will help you identify which type of butt shape you have. For example, some people may have an “apple shape,” where one side is wider than the other, or a “pear-shaped,” where one side droops lower than the other.

Step 5. Finally, try to stand with your legs slightly apart and observe how much separation there is between them when looking from behind. Do they touch, or is there some space in between? A larger gap between legs could indicate a curvier figure, while a smaller gap could indicate more of an athletic build with more subtle curves surrounding your backside area.

Embrace Your Butt Shape

Having a beautiful and healthy butt has become a popular topic around the world. Whether you have a round, square or flat butt, embracing your unique shape is an important part of feeling confident in your body.

Here are some tips to help you love and embrace your butt shape:

1. Wear Clothes That Feel Good

The right clothes can make a huge difference in how your butt looks. For instance, overly baggy clothing tends to hide the natural shape of your buttocks. Instead, opt for styles that hug the curves of your backside, such as high-waisted jeans or leggings

Pro Tip: Show your butt some love with a comfy-cozy pair of underwear. Not sure where to shop? Check out our fun collections of gender-inclusive underwear. With a variety of styles, prints, and colors, our underwear is designed and fit-tested on all bodies for comfort and quality. What’s not to love?

2. Embrace Your Natural Shape

Remember that everybody's body is different — don't compare yourself to others or try to strive for someone else's idealized look/ Celebrate what's unique about your own body type.

Think about gold or diamonds — the world tells us they’re prestigious because these items are rare. If there are millions and millions of diamonds, but only one of you, then aren’t you more valuable than precious metals and jewels? Just using logic here!

Regain control over how you feel about yourself by focusing on what makes you feel sexy and confident rather than worrying about perceived flaws or imperfections. Between positive self-talk, mindfulness, and therapy, we have lots of options for seeing our best selves in the mirror every day. 

3. Stretch Regularly

Regular stretching or movement can help strengthen and build up the gluteal muscles that support the structure of your buttocks. It’s not for appearance — tight glutes can contribute to back pain, knee pain, tight hamstrings, and more. 

4. Improve Your Posture

Having good posture not only helps keep our spines healthy but can also play a role in how our bottoms look too! Maintain proper posture throughout the day by engaging core muscles, keeping shoulders back, and standing tall with feet hip distance apart. This helps prevent fatigue and gives your booty (and confidence) an extra lift!

A Final Word

two people in black underwear

Now that you know about all these different types of butts out there, don't be shy about embracing yours — whatever shape it may be! Embracing your body type means loving yourself unconditionally no matter what anyone else thinks or says. So wear whatever clothes make you feel confident and proud of who you are inside and out. 


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