How To Wear a Thong: 9 Comfortable Tips

person wearing black thong with rainbow band


Thongs are terrific low-visibility underwear, and if you want to show a little cheek, they're ideal for that, too. 

If you want to take a stab at wearing a thong, then this is the article for you. Just like how the perfect outfit can put some pep in our step and pride in our stride, wearing a thong can be a huge confidence booster!

When it comes to picking a pair of underwear, it’s not only about the style or the cut. It’s also about the quality of the materials and the fit. The complete package. 

Finding your ideal material and fit can make a world of difference, regardless of the style you choose. So, before you decide if a thong is for you or not, it’s time to get the material and fit sorted out.

We’ll help you choose the ideal thong material and the correct size in the paragraphs below.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Thong?

There aren't any specific health risks or health benefits to wearing a thong; it really is a personal preference.

However, there are some more subjective benefits to thong-wearing. One could be their low visibility through any pair of pants, lots of breathability, and most importantly, a whole lot of cheekiness! 

With all the hype surrounding thongs in pop culture, it’s probably time you get some of your own. Here’s how to pick a flawless thong and how to wear it with a smile.

9 Tips for Rocking a Thong 

If you’re a tad nervous about testing out some thongs, don’t sweat it. That’s what we're here for. We know a thing or two about thongs and how to make them last.

Here are our top nine tips for how to rock a thong. 

Pick the Proper Fabric

The best thing you can do for yourself is to select the right fabric for any of your underwear — but especially your thongs. 

We recommend a thong made from organic cotton or a cotton blend. Cotton is one of the best choices of fabric for your genital health and overall well-being. Cotton is breathable, lightweight, and ideal for the sensitive skin down there — there’s a good reason we use OEKO-Tex-Certified cotton for so many of our undergarments. 

Another excellent option is TENCEL™ Modal. TENCEL™ Modal is a semi-synthetic material made from the pulp of beech trees. It’s considered highly sustainable and kind to the environment.

Check out our extensive collection of high-quality, sustainable TENCEL™ Modal thongs that we have here at Tomboyx! 

Wash It Properly 

Another easy way to ensure the comfort and longevity of your thong is to clean it properly. Handwashing thongs (or any underwear, for that matter) is going to be your best bet in ensuring that it gets washed properly.

All you need is some liquid soap and a tub of water to gently wash your thong. Don’t forget to hang it up to dry whenever you are done. 

If you want the ability to toss your underwear in with the rest of your laundry, opt for durable, machine-washable thongs. Our thongs are 95% TENCEL™ Modal and 5% Spandex so that you can do your laundry in a jiff and get back to your previously scheduled adventures. 

Pick the Right Fit

Unlike beanies and socks, underwear is rarely one size fits all. 

The right fit is key to staying comfortable and confident. This will also help you extend the longevity of your thongs. There are many types of styles and fits; check the size chart to know which ones you prefer before buying your thong. 

The right fit can also make or break how comfortable you are daily, so make sure you refer to a sizing chart when choosing your next pair of underwear, whether it’s a thong or not. Our thongs run from XS to 4X and are fit-tested on all body types, so everyone can get in on this undergarment classic. 

Replace Thongs As Needed 

Like every other intimate item of clothing you own, you should replace thongs from time to time. 

Our recommendation is to replace your underwear every eight to 12 months or as needed. You should replace your thongs and underwear to keep them fresh and clean, especially since they are protecting your privates. 

Since undies have such an important job, you want them to be the best quality they can be. It never hurts to cycle out something as important as your underwear. 

Size Up if Needed

A common mistake with thongs is that people assume they need to be skin-tight to be right. This rule is true to a certain extent, but you still should wear the right size for your particular body.

Your thongs should be tight fitting and not loose — but never so tight that you lose circulation or find yourself uncomfortable. Keep in mind that a size medium in one brand doesn’t necessarily translate to a size medium in another. All designers fit clothes a tad differently, so peep that size chart before hitting “add to cart.”

Avoid Activewear When Wearing Thongs

It might be wise to avoid activewear and not work out while you wear a thong. The odds of it sliding around or riding up are high, especially if you are doing a high-intensity activity that requires lots of movement. Any activity that makes you sweat probably isn’t the best fit for a thong.

Damp and tight clothing can cause discomfort — and perhaps even an infection. To each their own, but some experts recommend against wearing a thong while working out. Similarly, they recommend against wearing worn-out underwear while breaking a sweat — exposed elastic is often not friendly to our skin. 

Avoid Short Skirts/Shorts While Wearing Thongs

When wearing short skirts or just shorts in general, you’re probably better off wearing a bikini or brief underwear instead of a thong.

Unless you want your cheeks out or trust the breeze not to blow your skirt away, a thong may not be your friend in a short skirt. Better be safe than sorry and leave the thongs for outfits that aren’t prone to blowing up — if you want to avoid flashing your friends.

Know Your Health History

Here’s the thing: Scientists aren’t sure yet if wearing a thong has anything at all to do with yeast infections. In fact, some are pretty sure yeast infections and thongs aren’t related at all

So, if you’re prone to yeast infections or other bacterial infections, you can probably still don your thong! Researchers found it far more likely that common complaints like UTIs, yeast vaginitis, or bacterial vaginosis result from lifestyle behaviors. Hygiene practices (like douching) are scientifically linked to these conditions — not thongs. 

That being said, if you see these conditions spot up and think your thong might be part of the problem, chat with your healthcare provider for expert advice. 

Avoid Thongs on Your Period 

If you get a period, you may want to avoid wearing a thong during this time. Thongs are stylish, comfy, and seductive, but they don’t have a whole lot of coverage. 

Thongs run the risk of riding up or sliding around, which is the last thing anyone would want while on their period. Save the thongs for a day with no period, so you don’t have to worry about any riding up or other issues.

Instead, opt for underwear like the leak-proof Period Underwear. They come in sizes from 3XS to 6X (and cute colors), so your flow can’t slow you down. 

Thongs Are the Thing 

A thong is one item you should definitely add to your underwear collection if you’re so inclined. They are versatile, comfortable, and in a way, invisible. These features make them a perfect choice for everyday wear or for a special occasion. 

No matter how or where you decide to rock your thong, it’s important to know everything about them before committing to one. Make sure you know your desired style, fabric, and even color. These are all factors to consider before biting the bullet and getting a thong for your underwear collection. 

Find out if a thong is right for you and your body by testing some out for certain occasions and seeing if you like their fit and style. Sometimes the simplest way to figure these things out is to try them and see if you like them.

There is no wrong answer when it comes to styling a thong or even picking out a pair of underwear. It all comes down to what is best for you and your body and what you are trying to accomplish. 

We’ll catch you next time! 


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