how it's made

We are More than what we sell.

We are what we leave behind, the mark we make, the values we hold.

We spread our production out with factories across China. Our close working relationships with the people who make our products include weekly and sometimes daily contact, as well as multiple visits per year to the factories themselves. We have chosen to work with majority women-owned or managed facilities, who share our values of taking good care of their workers and reducing their environmental impact.


The majority of our cotton underwear and swimwear are Oeko-tex 100 certified—a highly-regarded international standard for non-toxic fabrics. Additionally, the process that gives our activewear it's quickdry, antibicrobial and moisture-wicking properties uses crab and shrimp shells instead of finishing with synthetic chemicals. Our luxury MicroModal fabric is made out of sustainably harvested and processed Beechwood fibers. And our Signature Prints use a water-based, earth-conscious method, recycling water well above the standards required. We are always looking for the greenest, cleanest method for everything we make.

We are what we leave behind, the mark we make, the values we hold.

Ethically Made

The hard-working individuals who take care sewing the buttons, trimming the elastics, and placing the labels just so are the reason that every pair of underwear we sell reaches our exacting standards. We only work with factories that are clean, well-lit, provide adequate breaks to their employees, and pay a living wage. Everything we make is ethically produced and sweat-shop free.

Human Agenda

You may see a theme here—we choose eco-friendly factories because we care about the environment. We ensure that our partners pay their workers a living wage because we believe that's the right thing to do. Social justice, LGBTQ issues, and women's rights are the very heart of why we do what we do. Our #humanagenda is not just a gay agenda, or a feminist agenda... it is all of those things.
TomboyX is a company, but it is made up of individuals, and we are not blind to the state of the world. We recognize the influence of brands on culture. We want to use our platform to raise up as many people as we can. We don't believe it's us or them (or you). We think there's room for all of us.

We hope you'll join us.