Organic Cotton Rib Collection

Organic, sustainable, comfort.

You requested more sustainable fashion, and that’s why we’re delighted to introduce our newest collection. At TomboyX, sustainable fashion is more than just a catchphrase or trend. It’s the way we care about our clothing’s origins and production. It’s a way that we can choose good, together.

What does sustainable fashion mean to us? It means earning an OEKO-Tex organic cotton certification to ensure that our cotton was grown without pesticides or fertilizers. It also means partnering with organizations like WRAP and the Fair Labor Association to ensure that our factory workers are paid and treated fairly. 

But the goodness doesn’t stop there. We’ve combined our eco-friendly organic cotton with a decadent, new texture to create pieces that are more soft and sustainable than ever. The Organic Cotton Rib Collection is filled with styles you love plus new cuts, too.

You have a choice. Thank you for using your voice! We hope that you love these pieces and wear them with pride. 

Super soft organic fabric

Channeled elastics for extra comfort

Wrap around seams


“This organic cotton feels so good”

- R

"Comfortable enough to lounge and sleep in.”

- L