Campaign Story

 "You do you" New Year :: January 2021 


We so often see the influx of "New Year, New You" campaigns whenever the calendar flips from December to January. While self-improvement is wonderful, it has been hijacked by diet culture, so focused on weight and appearance that it takes an entire person and whittles them down to what they look like. As though what we have to improve is not our happiness, our goals, our relationships, or our self-worth. It diminishes the wholeness and messiness of being an entire person.

We say no to that. So our New Year's Resolution? Be grateful to our bodies. Be thankful for who we are and the body that carried us through a historically rough year.  

Look, we created TomboyX because we wanted to wear things that feel great and celebrate exactly who we are. So we resolve to keep doing that. We'll keep celebrating you, and we hope that you keep celebrating yourself.