Intersectionality & Inclusion at TomboyX

Recently we had the valued opportunity to work with a community of intersectional models to develop a process that ensures consideration and a safe environment for all model talent that works with TomboyX. You can watch more about the inspiration for this process via a 35 minute session on IGTV that aired on July 8th, 2020. 

Our production process includes a Pre-Production form that each model fills out with key information prior to their arrival on set. That information is secured with the on-set safety liaison. Each safety liaison is matched to the individual model for a great partnership. To ensure a comfortable environment when the model arrives on the day of their shoot, the safety liaison ensures every person involved is mindful and customizes the experience according to what was set forth in the Pre-Production form.

To download our pre-production form, click here

We are sharing our form and process to encourage all companies to adopt this respectful environment for every production endeavor. 

An anonymous feedback form is in the works. This form will be a safe way for talent to provide feedback regarding their experience on set, and will allow for the process to continue to grow and improve.

Special thanks to all of those involved from our community to make this impactful change in the apparel and modeling industries and especially these fine human beings:

Meridian MayerRain Dove, Trinity Bree, Aba Hyde, Jaime Hernandez and Rose Montoya

We are also proud to be acknowledged by The Community Marketing & Insights (CMI), the leader in LGBTQ consumer research since 1992, to be among the brands that LGBTQ consumers consider doing “the best job outreaching to the community,” asked through an un-aided write-in question, included (in alpha order): Absolut, Amazon, American Airlines, Apple, Delta Air Lines, Disney/ABC, Google, Nike, Starbucks, Subaru, Target, TomboyX, and Wells Fargo.