Intersectionality & Inclusion at TomboyX

At TomboyX, we’re honored to work with a diverse community of models and content creators who help us build our brand. We know we’re not your average apparel company, and we need better-than-average processes in place to ensure that everyone who works with us is accommodated and respected. 

Since 2020, we’ve made some changes to our on-set processes, including a recently-updated pre-production form for all models who join us on set. It’s our hope that by being transparent about this process, we can encourage other companies to adopt similar practices to improve the industry as a whole. Take a look at our pre-production form by following the link below:

Pre-Production Hello

It is deeply important to us that our photoshoots are safe, affirming, productive, and fun. We’re so grateful to everyone who has lent us their talent so far.