The Story Behind the Holdster


At TomboyX, everything we make is designed to support and empower our community exactly as they are. Our Holdster Bra is no exception, and it’s a little extra special for us. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we thought we’d tell you why.

When our founder, Fran Dunaway, found out that she had breast cancer for the second time, her best option was to have a bilateral mastectomy. Never having been the “wait and see” type, Fran chose to move forward with the procedure as quickly as possible.

But what about the recovery process? Fran was told before the operation that there weren’t a lot of great options on the market that were designed with the mastectomy community in mind. When she started looking for the right bra after her surgery, she found that to be frustratingly true.

So she decided to change that. The Holdster is designed with soft, tunneled elastic around the chestband, and it’s built to avoid sensitive areas to allow the surgery site to breathe and heal. The adjustable swan hook at the band means the wearer never has to raise their arms over their head to put it on, and it can be tightened to provide a better fit as swelling goes down. It’s reversible (so it can be worn on either side), fully lined, and designed with minimal seams and detailing to provide the gentlest possible support.

We’re so proud of everything about the Holdster– from who inspired it (hey, Fran!), to the designers who created it, and especially the people who wear it.