The Story Behind the Holdster


At TomboyX, everything is made to support our community so everyone can be comfortable exactly as they are. Our Holdster bra is no different, it’s just a little closer to our hearts. For Breast Cancer Awareness month, we thought it’d be great to tell you why.

When our founder, Fran, found out that she had breast cancer for the second time, the smartest option was a bi-lateral mastectomy. Never having been one to sit and wait for things to happen Fran decided to move forward as soon as possible. 

But what about healing afterwards? Fran was told during the pre-op process that there weren’t a lot of options on the market that were designed with the mastectomy community in mind. Something that she found to be true as soon as she started looking for a bra post-surgery.

So she decided to change that. The Holdster allows healthy breathing for the surgery site, as well as support and comfort. With adjustable hooks so people don’t have to raise their arms, reversibility, and the softest fabric ever, we’re so proud of everything about it - from who inspired it (hey, Fran!), to who makes it, and especially who wears it.