Period Proof

Meet Our First Line Period Collection

First Line is designed to help keep you dry and on-the-go with confidence. The First Line Period Bikini provides the highest level of absorbency and protection for your leaks, while providing a higher leg with modest coverage.

With built-in leak protection for light days or incontinence, you’ll be able to relax, move, and breathe easy

Stay-put Soft Waistband

Absorbs 6-8 Teaspoons

Breathable Stretchy Cotton


“Perfect to wear through the night when I have my period and eliminate leaking issues experienced sleeping in a pad.”

Christina C

"If you had the first line of period undies like me and liked them, these are even better. Longer absorbing pad and just as comfy ”

Tanna H

"SO HAPPY TomboyX increased the length of the absorbent pad in the front! I wear mine for heavy squat and deadlift days, and now the coverage is much better for the inevitable piddle. Thank you SO MUCH!"

Lindsay K