Our Values

The team at TomboyX is passionate about fostering acceptance and equality. We are a queer-founded brand dedicated to empowering our LGBTQ+ community year-round, and advocating for equal representation and celebration of all people. We are proud to design and manufacture thoughtful, beautifully-made products for all bodies and needs, of all sizes and across the gender spectrum.

When you buy from TomboyX you help us give directly to organizations that support the queer community like Youthcare, the Freedom Fund Network, Safe Space International. Additionally, your dollars have directly funded the Natural Resources Defense Council which works steadfastly to protect the environment from harmful practices and policies.

Beyond donating cash we also are dedicated to donating 50,000 pair of underwear to people in need each year. In case you’re wondering, that’s equivalent to 23 miles of folx in underwear.

As we grow, we’ll increase our commitment.Your dollars make a difference.Thanks for your support.




Every quarter we support a few local, national, or global non-profits who are doing work that we wholeheartedly support. This means that when you shop with us, you can peek at where we’re sending a portion of the proceeds.

The LGBTQ Freedom Fund posts bail to secure the safety and liberty of people in jail and immigration detention. In tandem it works to build a critical mass against the mass detention of LGBTQ individuals. LGBTQ people are three times more likely to be jailed than heterosexual individuals.

YouthCare works to end youth homelessness and to ensure that young people are valued for who they are and empowered to achieve their potential. Through a comprehensive range of services including prevention, shelter, housing, education, and employment training, YouthCare ensures that young people experiencing homelessness have the hope, skills, and self-confidence needed to thrive.

The ACLU dares to create a more perfect union — beyond one person, party, or side. Our mission is to realize this promise of the United States Constitution for all and expand the reach of its guarantees.