Our Values



The team at TomboyX is passionate about fostering acceptance and equality. We are a queer-founded brand dedicated to empowering our LGBTQ+ community year-round, and advocating for equal representation and celebration of all people. We are proud to design and manufacture thoughtful, beautifully-made products for all bodies and needs, of all sizes and across the gender spectrum. We are guided by the following values: 



We show up fully, hold ourselves accountable, and lead with our most authentic selves.


We’re brave, curious, and willing to dare greatly. We’re empowered and encouraged to take the wheel, experiment, and make mistakes in order to learn and grow.


 We champion diversity and inclusion; everyone is welcome and appreciated. We celebrate our differences, foster a sense of belonging, and show our commitment through our words and actions.


Our connections are grounded in trust, transparency, and respect. We’re honest, open-minded, and we listen actively. We foster radical candor and clarity as kindness.


We are individuals driven by a true north: to build a more equal and progressive world. Our perspective grows and evolves in pursuit of this shared purpose.