Contact us to become a TomboyX ambassador


This is a love story between our community (you), and us. Or it’s between you and our underwear. Or it’s between us and our underwear. Any way you spin it, it’s a story that’s at the core of who we are - and that story is best told by those in it.

#IAMTOMBOYX is our community of like-minded individuals/unicorns/real af people who are passionate about TomboyX. We’re looking for people just like us - authentic, a little rebellious, and who support our community. 

Who is this best for? 

Influencers + brand advocates

How will you be promoting?

Primarily Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter

The Deets?

Our ambassadors will be cycled every quarter. This gives us a chance to get to know you, understand which products or campaigns fit you and your community, and how we can best complement each other. 

If accepted you will receive: 

A Welcome Kit in the mail upon acceptance

Occasional free merchandise when the opportunity arises. This isn't guaranteed, but occasionally if we have extra merchandise or new merchandise sometimes we will send it to you as a surprise.

15% commission for every sale that is made when a customer makes a purchase by shopping through your ambassador link during the 3-month cycle.

Questions? Want to apply?

Please email us at socialmedia@tomboyx.com or send us a DM @TomboyX.

You will be notified within 7-14 days via email if you have been selected as a #IAMTOMBOYX brand ambassador. If you do not get an email after 14 days, unfortunately, you have not been selected. You are more than welcome to reapply after 3 months.