Your Guide to Bra Inserts

For years TomboyX has been offering bras without underwires or excess padding, designed to feel amazing against your skin with that Tomboy style you’ve come to know and love. But what if you’re looking for a little extra something in your bra? Be that modesty, shaping, or support we are now proud to offer a solution with our Removable Inserts.

These inserts are sold separately and work with all of our Adaptable bras.

So let’s talk benefits:

  • Made of high quality foam these inserts won’t loose their shape. Yes, even after many uses.
  • They are chlorine and salt water resistant meaning they are long-lasting and won’t degrade when washed or worked-out in.
  • Improve modesty by preventing any nipple visibility.
  • Create a smoother shape.

These inserts are sold separately from our bras so you’re not drowning in extra inserts. This allows you to only buy what you need, which is better for the environment and reduces waste. They are indefinitely reusable and transferable between bras and help you feel more supported throughout the day.

These inserts give you the choice to modify bras as you need on a day-to-day basis. They are just another way that TomboyX is helping you dial in your unique style and look.