Why We're Not Wearing Pants Right Now

Hey TomboyX fam,

We’ve been working from home (in our underwear) for over a month, and as it turns out, it's not so bad. Here are 7 reasons why we love leaving our pants in the closet:

  1. It saves water, since you don't need to wash bulky things like pants
  2. It saves time, since you're doing less laundry
  3. You can sleep in a little longer and cut down your morning routine by not putting on pants (you only really need #businessontop)
  4. It's fun to express your unique style with so many different cuts, colors and prints to choose from
  5. There's no better way to welcome lovely spring weather than with a nice breeze through your knees
  6. Hey – we’ve all been snacking pretty hard at home and the silky stay-put waistband on our undies is a lot more forgiving than jeans
  7. Everyone deserves to be comfortable 24/7, not just after clocking off 

Stay healthy and stay home,
The TomboyX team behind the screen