Why All the Unicorns?


If you search the word “unicorn” on the TomboyX website, you’ll get at least ten hits on any given day. We design prints around the mythical beast and splash it across our accessories and tees at pretty much every opportunity; we even snuck an embroidered unicorn emblem onto our new Everyday Rugby Polo. So, what’s with the unicorn obsession?

The unicorn got its first PR hit in early Mesopotamian art, but they really found their footing (hoofing?) in the bright, sparkly 1980’s as a popular childrens’ toy. Nowadays, they’re typically depicted as snowy-white horses with rainbow manes and their signature golden horns. The unicorn makes for an appropriate queer icon: its unique beauty and magical powers make it both apt and appealing for a community that has historically been othered and fetishized.

It’s pretty easy to connect the dots and see why we love the majestic unicorn here at TomboyX. In the early days of Tomboy, founder Fran Dunaway got up on stage in front of typically homogenous tech crowds and pitched the up-and-coming underwear brand as a “rainbow unicorn” investment. We’re so glad it stuck, because through all the growth and changes at TomboyX over the years, we’ve had a playful, powerful animal as our true north.

If you need a little extra inspiration today, look to the unicorn. We here at TomboyX always do.