8 Occasions for When To Wear a Rainbow Hoodie


You love hoodies. You love rainbows. It only makes sense that you would want to bring those two things together in perfect harmony. We’re talking, of course, about rainbow hoodies.

If you’ve got your hands on a super soft rainbow hoodie or are thinking about getting one, you may ask yourself: When and where would I wear a rainbow hoodie?

Well, we’re glad you asked. While the answer is, arguably, anytime, let’s go through a list of scenarios in which a rainbow hoodie is the perfect attire.

At a Pride Celebration

In 1978, Gilbert Baker designed the first pride flag with rainbow colors. With the encouragement of Harvey Milk, he intended for the rainbow flag to become a pride symbol for the gay community, representing visibility, openness, and honesty. Over the years, the LGBTQIA+ community has embraced the flag as a symbol of diversity and togetherness.

One of the ways you can express your own pride or allyship is by displaying the rainbow colors in your outfit! While you can do this any day of the week, pride celebrations are a great place to start.

Ever since a mile-long version of the rainbow flag was flown in 1994 (the 25th anniversary of the Stonewall riots), rainbow colors have been a staple at pride parades. Whether you’re at an annual pride parade or any other kind of event in support of LGBTQA+ rights, sport your rainbow hoodie to get in the spirit.

As Casual Cosplay or Halloween Costumes

A little bit of color is always a great addition to your wardrobe, especially when the time comes to whip out a DIY costume. A rainbow hoodie can be subbed in for any number of cosplays for Halloween costumes that are adorable yet low effort.

For example, use white eyeliner to draw a couple of clouds on your face and go as a rainbow after a rainy day. Throw on a pair of wings and grab a magic wand, and voila –– you’re a rainbow pixie! You can use some tape and a hairband to fashion a unicorn costume. Alternatively, there are a number of popular characters that sport colorful outfits (for example, Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time); channel your inner geek with a splash of a rainbow.

On a Bad Day

Sometimes the world just looks a bit dreary. You’ve had a lousy day at work, your plans fell through, or you’re just feeling especially down. When this happens, a bit of color can help cheer you up.

There actually is some psychological basis for this idea. Different colors can affect your moods and impressions of things.

There’s a reason, for example, that a lot of us feel lighter at the sight of a colorful field of flowers than a drab stone wall. The sight of rainbow colors tends to make people feel happy; wearing them can be a little boost on an otherwise cloudy day.

At a Rainbow Party 

Ever heard of a rainbow party? Well, it’s probably exactly what you think it is. Like any themed party, there’s a dress code –– guests can either pick one singular color or dress in as many colors as possible.

The colorfulness of the party is also reflected in the food and decor. To spice it up, you can pick songs that are about colors and rainbows (fans of The Wizard of Us or The Muppet Movie will have a field day on this one).

Of course, your rainbow party would not be complete without a rainbow hoodie. You can throw it on when it gets chilly, and take it off to reveal an equally colorful outfit underneath.

Let’s get this party started:

On a Chilly Evening

We’ve been talking a lot about times when you should wear rainbows –– but let’s not forget about the best time to wear a hoodie. Hoodies are a beloved item for their casualness and versatility, but also their warmth. They’re the perfect layer to just throw on before you head out the door.

Depending on how thick the hoodie is, you can rock it on a mild day or even when some bitter winds are blowing. Plus, what better time to display a little extra color than a cold and damp fall or winter day?

When You Work Out

Hoodies make for great gym attire. Athletic clothes have undergone a lot of change in the past century. Yet, one garment that has endured as sportswear since the 1980s is the hoodie or sweatshirt. Its bagginess makes it a wonderfully mobile garment.

If you’re exercising outdoors, a sweatshirt can help protect you from the elements. We’ve all seen joggers sporting hoodies and sweatpants, for example. But hoodies can be worn when exercising indoors as well. Some hoodies are more lightweight or have moisture-wicking qualities; these can keep you covered without sticking to your skin or weighing you down.

In Your Free Time

Some might say hoodies are the cornerstone of modern-day athleisure. Equal parts comfortable and stylish, you can’t go wrong with popping one on every day of the week.

Most office environments still require a more formal approach –– such as a suit –– but if you have a more laid-back work environment, you can wear your hoodie anytime. Whether you’re hanging out with your friends, running errands, or going about your own activities, a hoodie is your best friend.

While we’ve already mentioned pride celebrations, you can also express your pride or allyship every day in small ways. Sporting the rainbow flag in your casual attire is one fun way to do so!

Lounging At Home

The fact that it’s equally as common to wear a hoodie on the couch as it is to wear it on a treadmill speaks volumes about the hoodie’s cozy factor. Sometimes, you just want to curl up in a swatch of plush fabric, pull the drawstrings tight, and chill with the TV on. A hoodie is a must-have for a comfy day or night in.

Hoodies made of soft, rich material like cotton are ideal for this kind of activity. Many people also prefer buying a hoodie in an oversized fit, to really get lost in the coziness. For ultra warmth, pair your hoodie with a pair of matching rainbow joggers and fuzzy socks. 


By now, we think you get the picture: there isn’t ever a wrong time to wear a rainbow hoodie. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and style to rock at just about any time and place.

Not only do you have the warmth and coziness of a hoodie on your side, but you can also add a splash of style and flair with a pop of rainbow colors. It’s also a subtle yet strong way to express yourself and share your pride in little ways.

If you haven’t got enough rainbow yet, hop on over to the TomboyX website and check out some of the many rainbow-colored garments we’ve got! Underwear, outerwear, and everything in between –– we’ve got you covered in color.


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