What Underwear Should You Wear with Leggings?

person holding band of leggings

The age-old question: What underwear are you actually supposed to wear with leggings? Do you take a risk and just go commando? That sometimes seems like the best option in terms of comfort, but that doesn’t have to be the end-all-be-all when it's time to wear leggings. 

The right underwear will sit comfortably under your leggings without being overly visible. A good pair of underwear generally comes down to fit, style, and comfort… but how do you pick the best option? That’s where we come in. 

We are here to help you pick the best underwear style for you, specifically which one to pick when you’re wearing leggings. Most of us want our underwear to be discreet and hidden while wearing leggings.

Here’s how to pick the best underwear for leggings and wear it in style: 

Step One: Find the Right Leggings

First and foremost, leggings should never be see-through, so it’s important to find leggings that you can trust to keep all the goodies covered!

There are two telltale signs of a good pair of leggings: 

  • The quality of the material
  • How they hold their shape and opaqueness

Why did we mention the quality of your leggings in an article about what underwear you should be wearing? Well, you can’t have leggings that fit right without the perfect pair of underwear, and vice versa. It’s crucial to have both for your overall look. 

Now about those pesky underwear lines…

There is less concern nowadays about a visible underwear line when wearing leggings, which is great. But if it’s important to you and you want your underwear lines to be more discreet, this is the article for you. 

Step Two: The Right Underwear Fit

No matter what bottoms you’re wearing, it’s crucial that your underwear is the right fit for you. Then, once you’ve found your ideal style, you can buy them in bulk (or not — it’s totally up to you!). Underwear comes in all different shapes, sizes, and fits, so it can be hard to narrow down the best options for you. 

Let’s discuss the different underwear types and how to wear them, plus some pros and cons of some of the most popular underwear fits and styles. You’re welcome!  


The biggest pro of wearing a thong is that your underwear lines will be very hard to find. 

Thongs are cheeky and lightweight, making them a perfect choice to wear with leggings. One main downside to a thong, though, is that they do tend to ride up and could be uncomfortable for long-term wear. 

Despite popular belief, you don’t have to be a woman to wear a thong. Thongs are great for all genders — and every adventure. This type of underwear helps hold everything together, no matter what you’ve got going on down there. It'll help you feel secure and confident in an effortless look with leggings, no matter what you’re up to. 


Perfect for everyday wear, hipster-style underwear is designed to rest right on your hips, hence the name. They often have more coverage in the back, but not nearly as much as a boyshort would. 

Hipsters are great to wear with low-rise jeans, but they may not be the best choice for leggings if you’re going for a low-visibility look. 

Hipsters come in a variety of different fits and styles, so like any kind of underwear on this list, make sure you have tried them on so you know if you like the fit and the feel of the underwear. 


Bikini-style underwear is one of the comfiest kinds you can get, and its name comes from its similarity to a bathing suit bottom. Bikinis are generally lightweight and breathable. You can find lower-waisted styles, as well as options that sit higher on the waist and are cut higher in the leg. 

Bikini underwear has close similarities with brief underwear, just with slightly less coverage. They’ve got a slight cheekiness to them as well, which can add a little pizzazz as well as comfort.

The big downside of this style is that the seam of the underwear cuts slightly across the bottom rather than sitting along the crease at the bottom of your behind. This can lead to visible underwear lines, which makes bikinis a hit or miss when it comes to wearing them with leggings. 


Boyshorts are similar to hipster-style underwear, but they are modeled after a traditional brief. They have a lower cut leg and very full coverage, so no cheeks will be exposed. 

If you can find a tight, comfortable pair, boyshorts can be the perfect choice to wear with leggings. Check out our variety of boyshort options to find your perfect fit with or without leggings.  

Boxer Brief

Boxer briefs are one of the most classic pairs of underwear, and they have a long history. 

Briefs are often made with cotton, microfiber, or nylon, making them pretty comfy overall. They provide overall front and back coverage and generally come up higher on the waist, making them a solid option for everyday wear with a variety of garments over them. 

Boxers, on the other hand, are mini shorts that are worn as undergarments. They tend to be quite comfortable, but they don't go with every outfit since they can be a bit bulky. Despite being the comfiest and breeziest choice by far, we wouldn’t recommend wearing boxers with leggings since leggings tend to be much tighter in style. 

One type of underwear combines these two to create the comfortable boxer brief scenario. They tend to be sleeker than boxers, so they can be hidden under any kind of clothing, but they’re not quite as tight-fitting as briefs can be. Boxer briefs are great for everyday wear, and they’ll likely wear well with your leggings. 

We highly recommend getting yourself a pair (or two) to conquer the world in. 

Tucking Underwear

For those of you interested in underwear for tucking purposes, we’ve got you covered with both bikinis and hipsters that are designed specifically to tuck. 

We recommend using tucking underwear if you’re looking for a little extra coverage and overall support while you wear your favorite leggings. Tucking underwear can help give you a seamless and smooth look, thanks to some gentle compression. Plus, our tucking underwear is lightweight, breathable, and made of the best materials out there.  

Step Three: The Details

You’ll have to consider some final details before settling on the right pair of underwear, whether you’re wearing leggings or not. 

Breathability, long-term use, and of course, that dang underwear line are all factors that you’ll want to account for before buying some new undies. Some other things to focus on are anti-chafing and anti-odor properties if that’s something you’re looking for. Ultimately, you’ll want to find the best pair for your body and your needs. 

We’re personally fans of our OEKO-Tex Certified cotton when it comes to underwear materials because it’s soft, breathable, and lasts just as long as you need it to. It’s easy to care for, has just a bit of stretch, and will sit comfortably under your leggings all day long. 

Look for a pair of underwear labeled seamless, seam-free, or invisible if you’re looking to get rid of underwear lines. Most of the styles we “de-briefed” on (pun intended) come in seamless styles. 

Your main goal should be comfort and low visibility, so focus on these details when you’re finalizing your decision. 

Step Four: Choose the Right Pair of Underwear 

Congratulations! You have officially found your perfect pair of TomboyX underwear to wear with your favorite leggings. After all the trial and error, you finally have a winning combo that doesn't include going commando

Now, it’s time to rock your new look, get a little cheeky, and tell your friends all about it! Thanks for hanging out with us today and picking our brains about what we know best. We’re here to educate and encourage each of you to be your fully authentic self and in style while you do it. 


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