The Evolution of Boyshort Underwear Over Time


Boy shorts are some of the comfiest underwear money can buy. They give you full coverage, take away the possibility of visible underwear lines, and are made with soft-to-the-touch material that you won’t want to take off. 

However, just because they’re full-coverage doesn’t mean they can’t be sexy or fun. Boy shorts can come in different colors, designs, and fabrics, so there are plenty of options. You can even find a pair of lovely lace boy shorts for something more seductive. These undies are an essential that everyone should have in their wardrobe. 

While boy shorts, as we know them now, haven’t been around too long, they have a longer history than you might think. They’ve evolved over time to stand out from other types of underwear.

With that said, let’s set the clock back to Roman Times to see where it all began. 

Who Invented Underwear?

We’re starting off with humble beginnings. 

The Egyptians

The first undergarments we can find came from Ancient Egypt. However, if we’re talking about undergarments like what we know today, then you’d first find those in Italy during Roman Times. 

The Romans

Romans were very particular about keeping their bodies healthy. Routines included everything from keeping their bodies in peak physical shape to keeping them squeaky-clean. In fact, Rome is also where we can find some of the first bras. 

However, the early bra was more like a band that women would place just underneath their breasts to give them a push-up effect.

Medieval Times

Then, we start to see underwear appear around Medieval times. Women would wear underwear to help stop and collect while they were menstruating. Because this practice was new and seen as a luxury, people in the aristocratic class were the main adopters of underwear. 

During the Medieval Era, health was a prominent concern. Unhygienic living conditions heavily affected people with periods. In many cases, poor hygiene and health practices caused periods to come irregularly, so women needed to wear underwear at all times to be prepared.

The Renaissance

Entering the Renaissance, unisex garments start to enter the market. 

This is also when we see the invention of the garter. Garters were initially worn by people to keep their stockings from slipping down, but they would eventually become associated with an element of seduction. Moving forward, designers would add embellishments to enhance the seductive qualities of the garter.

How Did Boxers Enter the Picture?

Looking at the 19th century, we see underwear become more than just strips of cloth. Designers started to add lace, ribbons, and bands to underwear for aesthetic value. We’ve seen even more styles of underwear appear in the 20th and 21st centuries, including lingerie, modern bras, and more.

So, when did boy shorts come on the scene?

Boy Shorts and Boxing

Let’s take a brief look at something that may seem completely unrelated: boxing. We know that we may be throwing you off — but trust us, it all connects. Throughout the late 20th and early 21st century, boxing rose to prominence in the United States.

While in the boxing ring, boxers would wear tight-fitting bottoms. However, around the turn of the 20th century, some of the most well-known boxers ditched their tight-fitting pants for looser ones. These bottoms would soon come to be known as boxers.

Boxers in the Army

Boxers would eventually become a part of the uniform for the United States infantrymen throughout the summer while the country wasn’t at war. This caused them to rise in popularity and then break into the underwear industry as the dominant style.

Just as fashion does, the style changed just a couple of decades later. Men began to wear briefs for a tighter fit that gave them more support. So then came brief underwear. However, for those who loved the coverage that boxers provided and the support of briefs, underwear designers started to come out with boxer briefs.

This is where we start to circle back to boy shorts. 

How Were Boy Shorts Invented?

Looking back through the history of fashion, we see many instances where clothing meant for men influenced women’s clothing — and vice versa. There are a handful of examples where we can see feminine fashion follow trends that masculine fashion was setting. Boy shorts are just one of them.

Boy shorts are meant to be a feminine take on boxer briefs. While boxer briefs reach several inches down the leg, boy shorts cover up just enough to keep your cheeks hidden. Some more modest options do extend further beyond this.

Boy Shorts Today

These intimates are now seen as everyday wear. They provide the comfort you want and even act as shapewear by giving your cheeks a little lift (emotionally and physically). 

We especially love wearing these as loungewear. If you’re just hanging out at home, then these are the best form of bare minimum coverage to have if you don’t want things hanging loose or if you want to cover up a bit for your roommates.

Boy shorts are underwear for everyone, regardless of body shape or size. You can have a sporty figure or a curvy one, and you’ll always feel comfortable. You can even choose between the low-rise and mid-rise for a pair that’s tailored to your needs.

We’re excited to live in a time where we can have endless options for underwear. Even the diversity in boy shorts is a reason to celebrate. 

Finding the Perfect Pair of Boy Shorts for You

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With these boy shorts, you’ll feel secure and confident. They feature a signature waistband that keeps itself from slipping, riding, or bunching no matter what you’re up to. You can truly feel like you’re wearing nothing. 

Boy Shorts for Every Body

As an added bonus, there are sizes available for everyone, every size or shape. 

We make sure this is possible by testing all of our products on people of all body types. These boy shorts come in sizes XS to 4X so that everyone needing a petite or plus-size pair won’t ever leave empty-handed due to sizing challenges.

Sustainable Materials

You’ll also love that you’re playing a part in something bigger when you wear these. Our boy shorts are made from renewable beechwood trees, which makes them sustainable.

There is so much progress that needs to be made in the fashion industry when it comes to manufacturing and production processes, and we want to be part of the difference.

Choose Better Boy Shorts

So many brands are hurting the environment with their practices. 

That, in turn, hurts us and the planet we live on. One step you can make towards helping sustain the earth is by changing the market and creating greater demand for sustainable, eco-friendly products. It starts with one person and soon enough we’ll have a cleaner environment (and more stylish tushes).


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