What is a Unisuit?

Is it a singlet? Bathing suit? Romper? Would I wear it? The answer to all of these questions is yes, yes, yes, and hell yes! Wearing a unisuit doesn’t mean you automatically get uniboob or a unibrow. A unisuit is a magical, all-in-one, gender-neutral outfit ready for anything from swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, to skating the boardwalk or breaking it down on the dance floor.

If you’re like the rest of us and get a pit in your stomach when you think of swimsuit shopping, struggling to find pieces that fit your tomboy style (or fit at all), we got you. This ain’t your 5th-grade shopping trip—fashion’s come a long way, and TomboyX is here to change the game.

Our unisuit changes everything you know about swimwear. It’s casual and sporty, but also a little bit retro, trendy, and badass, making it a good piece for any style. Durable and stretchy in all directions, its single-layer fabric provides full coverage with UPF 50 sun protection for those hot days, almost like built-in sunscreen so you can soak up the sun by the beach, pool, or yacht—the summer fantasy is yours to tweak.

The fierce TomboyX sleeveless Unusuit in grey and neon

But some of our customers don’t even wear our unisuit as a bathing suit. They’ve rocked it as a romper, and worn it to the gym as athletic-wear. The crazy smart, pull-tab zipper locks in place wherever you leave it, so even the most intense cycling workouts can’t take it down. And the fast-drying fabric’s odor-resistant, eco-friendly Chitosante treatment keeps things fresh all day, during any activitywet or dry.

What our customers love about this shirt-shorts one-piece is its bulk-free protection from chafing between your legs. It offers minimal support with no built-in bra, to be the ultimate gender-flexible and versatile piece, so pair it with a swim top or sports bra—or don’t! Flexible in all ways, our reviews are full of women 5’0-6’0, sizes XS-4X, with varying torso lengths raving about its fit, thanking the unisuit gods, their crystals, and the universe at large for its invention (too far on the humble brag?). The unisuit was really designed with all in mind.

Our no-slip locking zipper is sure to keep you covered.

Like the idea of a unisuit, but have never worn one and aren’t sure what size you’d wear? Our size chart will show you how to measure your chest and hips to make sure you get the perfect fit.

Learn how to size a TomboyX unisuit.

This is a piece you can live in all summer long for maximum comfort. Soft, stretchy, functional, fabulous. There’s really no downside.

But you tell us—are unisuits suiting all your needs? Leave a comment below.