Simple answer? It’s you. It’s you not being held up with wires or strapped down for jogging. It’s you without a prefabricated shape or padding that doesn’t move. A bralette is you in all your gorgeous glory.

Technical answer? A bralette is a bra designed with minimal padding, light support, and no wires or cups. Most of us remember them from our tween years when they are called “training bras” but in the last few years, the bralette has reemerged as a go-to style for all ages and cup sizes.


Offering minimal support, the bralette can be an ideal everyday bra type for those with smaller cup sizes and those who like a more natural look and feel. Can you wear a bralette if you are blessed with a larger than life cup size? Of course. Bralettes can be a great style to wear at times when you want a hint of support from wearing a bra, but nothing more — like bedtime and lounging on the couch.

Bralettes don’t stop at function. They also play hard in the world of fashion. From decorative lace to intricate strap patterns in back and front, bralettes can serve as a second layer to a skin-baring ensemble or a sheer showstopper.

Ready to begin your very own bralette renaissance? TomboyX bralettes will open your eyes to a whole new world of lightly padded and minimal support bra potential.

Up first we have the recently redesigned luxury bralette. Made from our super-soft, super-light MicroModal, this best-seller is a super comfy top-drawer staple. With thicker straps and reduced seams, our new design gives you support, coverage, and shape without compromising your comfort.


Get ready for the low-intensity and high-comfort factor of our ruched bralette. With center definition, this style of bralette is uniboob-proof. It’s a basic stretchy cotton style that begs to be worn again and again.

What’s your favorite bralette style? Let us know in the comments below.