Lady Boxers: When Did They Become So Prominent?


You mean boxers aren’t just for men? That’s right. They aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy the sheer luxury and comfort of boxer underwear. These full-coverage underwear are for everyone to enjoy.

We’re excited to report that there’s been some progress in breaking down gender roles and stereotypes in the clothing industry. Prominent figures in the public eye are wearing outfits that would have been completely unacceptable several years ago, and it’s helping to shape the culture moving forward.

Clothes that were traditionally defined as "feminine" or "masculine" are available for everyone now — however they identify.

As the conversation about gender continues while we learn and discover more, the clothing industry is staying up to date by also starting a move to start to make fashion more gender neutral. 

This is leading to the creation of gender-fluid clothing and undergarments alike. But this is just one factor of so many contributing to change in the fashion industry. With men wearing thongs (and looking sexy, may we add), and women wearing boxers and briefs, we have to talk about this awesome new trend.

With that being said, let’s see what led us to lady boxers and when they became as popular as they are now.


Culture Behind Dress

An essential part of understanding what led to the popularity of lady boxers is the cultural ideas behind the way we dress. There are certain ideals that Western culture has traditionally held for the ways that different genders are meant to dress. 

Because of the values and characteristics associated with different genders, women were expected to dress in ways that accentuated their bodies. This meant emphasizing smaller waists and then corsets and bras to shape breasts. When it came to men, slim waists and broad shoulders were ideal.

While there have been changes in fashion throughout time, this thread seems to run through the fabric of time. But another common thread we can find is feminine fashion gradually taking on more and more characteristics that were originally masculine.


Women Defying Social Norms

The first significant modern example would be when women started to wear trousers. Although they had been wearing pants for centuries, it was generally not considered to be socially acceptable. But as women (and men) began fighting for rights and inclusion, the more they began to break out of the mold that society dictated they conform themselves to.

You can think of trousers as a symbol of freedom for women. The dresses and skirts that were politically correct to wear were actually very restrictive. They couldn’t move about with as much freedom as they could without them. So when they started wearing trousers, it gave them bodily freedom that was one step closer to equality.

During the Second World War, women joined the workforce and put on pants to be able to do so. The iconic figure of Rosie the Riveter represents this movement well. With men being shipped off to fight, women stepped into factories, making trousers a necessity. 

When the war ended and the 1950s rolled in (or roller skated in), women still rocked capri pants, but the emphasis was on big skirts and traditionally-feminine silhouettes. As feminism gained traction, so did pants. In the late 60s and 70s, pants seemed to finally become a regular part of their wardrobe.


The Influence of Masculine Fashion

Trousers are just one of many examples of how masculine fashion started influencing feminine fashion. As we look through the lens of history, we can see the distinctions slowly dissipate to bring us to the point where lady boxers would become prominent.

The most direct influence we can find in the creation of lady boxers comes from boxers. Boxer shorts first appeared due to the influence of two groups of people: professional boxers and US infantrymen. Professional boxers started wearing them for their matches and US infantrymen as a part of their summer uniform.

That’s when brands took boxers and created the idea of shorts underwear. Since then, though their popularity has risen and fallen due to changing markets and the invention of briefs and boxer briefs, they’ve become a staple underwear style.

Throughout the 20th century, women’s underwear was also growing in diversity. Some were created for the practical purposes of comfort, others for sex appeal, and those that combined both of those notions. In that process, designers incorporated the idea of boxers into women’s underwear

There we have women boxers. Their prominence grew as the movement for cultural progress grew. At TomboyX, we are dedicated to being a part of that cultural conversation and creating products to add substance to it. 

Some other underwear influenced by masculine trends includes the boy short and boyfriend boxer. The boy short, in particular, was influenced by boxer-brief underwear.


More About Lady Boxers

Lady boxers are the ultimate undies, PJs, and loungewear. They’re loose and comfortable for the days when you just want to feel free and don’t want spandex or lycra gripping onto your skin. With this style of underwear, you’ll get a breezy feel that makes them so lovable.

Not only are they comfortable, but they provide full coverage. That’s what makes them perfect for loungewear. You can rest easy around your roommates in these lounge shorts, knowing there’s not going to be any accidental slippage.

They’re also great for wearing underneath dresses or skirts. There’s always the fear that there’s going to be a breeze that lifts your skirt right up. It’s happened to more of us than we’d like. But with lady boxers, you’ll at least be sure that no wind or movement will show anything you want hidden.

And when it’s time for bed, you’ll have the most peaceful sleep with these sleep boxers that double as sleep shorts. Their loose fit and soft fabric will make you wake up wondering if you’d even worn any to sleep in the first place.


Where You Can Find Gender Neutral Apparel

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Sized To Fit

And both products are sure to have your size. We pride ourselves on body positivity and inclusivity, so we make sure to fit test every single body type. 


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