We're Moving

When TomboyX started, Fran and Naomi shipped everything personally and used their garage as our warehouse. Eventually we were able to move to a real warehouse, and this week we are moving again.


Naomi shipping


We are excited to announce that we are moving our warehouse to Arizona. This move will help us ensure that as we grow we will be able to provide quick and affordable shipping. Unfortunately, that also means there might be a small delay in shipping on orders placed between June 26 and July 3. Some items are available to ship immediately, while other items will ship by July 5. Expedited shipping will not be available on orders placed between June 26 and July 5. Check the product description on each product you're interested in for more information.


As with everyone we work with, we vetted this new company. They are a small business, equal opportunity employer, and they maintain safe and clean working conditions.


Fran's Dad Shipping


We've come a long way since our days in the garage. Thank you for coming on this journey with us.