We Are With You

By Stephanie Campisi


For LGBTQ+ folks the holiday season can be difficult to navigate, especially where family are involved. “Tradition” looms large, gifts can come with strings attached, and not everyone approaches with open arms and hearts.


But some of us do. At TomboyX, we’re with you all the way. You’re one of us, and you’re always welcome in our family. Because whoever you are, you deserve to be loved, supported and affirmed. You’re worthy, and you matter.


We want to wish you a holiday period full of affirmation, support and authenticity. We want you to feel empowered to look after you first – to set aside time for self-care and to draw the boundaries that matter.


Finally, we want you to know that if you need alternative kinship, we’re here. Because you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. And remember: those friends have chosen you, too.


So these holidays be true to you. Be your fierce, unapologetic self. Be completely, 100% comfortable with you who are – and with what it takes to get there. We’ll support you at every turn.