Uses of The Compression Top


What makes our Compression Collection so unique is its versatility. Designed to provide streamlined support and stretch for a range of bodies and all-day comfort needs.

Worn for support by our customers with larger busts. 

“I bought this last July, and it’s still in excellent condition!! I am 5’2 but have a 42E cup. It’s exhausting trying to find a top for working out or just days where u want them gone. THIS! IS! THE! BRA! I love her so so so much, I’ve bought 3 more in different colors.”

Compression clothing items are becoming more and more important when it comes to helping increase blood flow whether you're traveling or healing post-surgery. 

“Great alternative to medical compression. Comfortable and MUCH cooler in the summer heat.”
- Jules

“Bought this and one of the full-length compression tops to wear post mastectomy. My surgeon 100% approved, and even oo-ed and ah-ed when I showed her! Super comfy, and would definitely buy again if I had the need.”
- Elli

Full Coverage
There are very few Underwear companies that provide soft bras with fuller coverage. Our compression top provides both a high neck, high back, and higher armholes.  This allows the smoothing of any unwanted rolls or excess skin & underarm spillage that some customers are self conscious about. 

“The compression shirt provides just the right amount of flattening and stability to reduce self consciousness while allowing for natural breathing. I can take my space and feel confident; thank you TomboyX for a game changing shirt.”
- Corey

As a work out top as it’s lined in power mesh for breathability and compression.  The fabric also lends itself to any type of physical activity.

“Keeps everything perfectly situated without being too constraining during my work as a technician, at the gym, and dancing.”
- H

“FANTASTIC sports bra, I feel more secure running than I have with any other undergarment. The […] Will purchase more.”
- Anon

Gender Euphoria
A more comfortable alternative to the traditional binder allowing you to move freely throughout your day without harming your health.

“FtM, I work as a dishwasher, lots of moving around in a hot and humid environment, so with already existing back problems, 8 hour shifts in a binder weren’t possible and sports bras didn’t help at all with compression.”
- Bubs

“I bought this for my trans-boyfriend because he needed a new binder, his old one wasn't the best and so I wanted to get him something nicer. After shopping around I decided the buy this one, it closely matches his skin tone and comes in so many sizes which along with the provided sizing chart makes it easy to ensure you get the right size. He loves it and I have to remind him to take it off before bed because it's so comfy.”
- Joshua

“The top is very comfortable, breathable, durable, and helps with my dysphoria, thank you so much!”
- River

Bought this as a cheaper and more subtle binder alternative, and it’s great at both of those things!”
- Nebbie

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