Types of Underwear: The Ultimate Guide

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One thing in this world that has a surprising amount of options is underwear. With so many styles and fits to choose from, the decision can take time and effort. You may end up spending hours trying to narrow down what kind is best for you.

That’s where we come in — to help your decision-making. Welcome to the only underwear guide you’ll ever need. 

From thongs to boxers, we’ve got you covered. Here at TomboyX, we take pride in offering a unique and diverse collection of underwear designed specifically for you.

We know that there are lots of choices and that picking a specific style can be difficult when there is so much to choose from. You may not even know what style you prefer. 

That’s exactly what this guide is for: To educate on not only all the different types of underwear we offer but all the different kinds that are out there. However you identify, you deserve to feel good in your underwear. For so long, undergarments and other intimates have been overly gender-specific. We’re on our way to changing that. 

There are no “men’s” or “women’s” underwear… it's all just underwear. We strive to make our underwear accessible, fashionable, and inclusive for all sizes or gender identities

Now that you know a bit more about us, let’s dive in. 

This is your ultimate guide to all things underwear. From styles to fits to maybe even a dash of history, here’s everything you need to know about types of underwear and how to wear them. 

10 Essential Types of Underwear 

Underwear is something that we all need and use every single day. So, what are some essential kinds that we all should have? Do we all really need a thong?

Let’s break it down.

Regardless of the type of underwear you gravitate towards, it’s essential to know which styles and cuts are out there. Pairs of underwear are like snowflakes — they are all different in their own unique ways.

Don’t be afraid to shop around and try on various styles to find which underwear works best for you, your personal style, and your body.

1. Thongs

Thongs are an excellent type of underwear to have if you are looking for something with low visibility (little to no “panty” line) and if you like a sprinkle of cheekiness. They’re made with a T-shaped string in the back and generally fall on the hips and sit about three inches or so below the waist. 

Out of all the underwear options on the market, thongs are one of a kind — and we love them. The TomboyX thongs are made out of a sustainable and comfortable material called TENCEL-Modal™ and come in singles or packs of three.

We recommend pairing your thong with tight-fitting clothing like leggings, bodycon dresses, or an outfit that you want to be a little cheeky. We always support a little cheekiness, and you can quote us on that.

2. Hipster

Hipsters are exactly what they sound like. They are underwear that falls right at your hips and has low-cut leg holes. 

Hipster underwear is an excellent choice if you are looking for something low-rise that hugs tight to your body. Hipster underwear is designed to hug your hips and is made of super-soft cotton that won’t ride up. These are ideal for everyday wear, and we highly recommend grabbing a pair or two to add to your collection. 

If you want to rock some low-rise jeans or other pants, hipsters should be your go-to choice. They are low rise, yet comfy, and cover up anything you don’t want to show.

3. Bikini

Bikini underwear is similar to briefs — only with less coverage. The waistband of bikini underwear sits below the waist and has higher-cut leg holes. It’s one of the most popular styles of underwear and is usually made of materials like cotton, microfiber, and nylon. We love OEKO-Tex-certified cotton so that we know that when your shipment arrives on our doorstep, it got there in the most environmentally and people-friendly way. 

Bikini underwear is super versatile, and you can wear a pair every day. From mini skirts to jeans and everything in between, bikinis are the ultimate choice of underwear for whatever outfit you’ve got planned. 

4. Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are some of the comfiest underwear out there. 

Boy shorts are similar to hipster underwear, with the main difference being that boy shorts have a boxier shape than hipster underwear does. This kind of underwear has a notably lower-cut leg which genuinely makes them look like mini shorts — hence the name.

Our boy short underwear is super comfortable with a silky waistband, lots of coverage, and little to no cheekiness. They will keep you relaxed and comfortable and help keep everything in place and covered up. 

We recommend wearing boy shorts with high-rise pants or solo for a day of lounging around the house. They really are that comfy. In fact, they’re basically loungewear

5. Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are a gift. 

Just like boy shorts, they are comfortable and have lots of coverage. The main difference between boxer briefs and boy shorts is how loose-fitting the underwear themselves are and the overall length of them as well. 

Boxer briefs are designed to be full coverage and semi-loose-fitting. They offer freedom of movement and breathability and range in style and fit. We recommend wearing boxer briefs anytime and anywhere that you can. Choose between a six-inch inseam or a nine-inch inseam boy short for a fit that’s totally you. 

6. Tucking/ Packing Underwear

If you are looking for tucking or packing underwear, then you have come to the right place. No matter your reasons for tucking or packing, you deserve a pair of underwear that helps you feel 100% right in your own skin. 

We have a variety of tucking underwear that ranges in style, color, and fit. From bikinis to hipsters, we’ve got you covered for all your tucking underwear needs. 

7. Period Underwear

One of the best creations of the modern age is period underwear. 

Period underwear is aptly named — it’s underwear made sustainably and inclusively to help eliminate the need for period products and keep you comfortable.

If you have a period and are looking for a new item to add to your collection, you cannot go wrong with some period underwear. Throw them in the wash after use, and say goodbye to any other period products. 

8. High-Rise

High-rise underwear is designed to avoid having the waistband of underwear along your stomach and provides fuller coverage than some other options. High-rise underwear helps you feel settled and secure. Whatever activity you are doing, everything is going to stay right in place. 

This kind of underwear hugs your body in all the right places and is more comfortable and functional than ever. We recommend wearing high-rise underwear with form-fitting clothes or clothing that is also high-waisted so that there is full coverage.

Not only functional, but high-rise underwears are more stylish than ever before, bringing 90s fashion to the forefront. 

9. Bodysuit

A fun and flirty way to wear your underwear is with a bodysuit. 

Bodysuits are fantastic because while they have full coverage of your body, you can integrate them easily as part of your outfit. 

Just throw on your favorite bodysuit and a pair of jeans, and voila — you have an effortless outfit that is worth showing off! Not to mention, bodysuits are perfect for a variety of functions since everything is all held together in one piece. 

When wearing a bodysuit, it’s less likely for your “underwear” to shift around or for you to find yourself uncomfortable due to riding up.

Bodysuits are a unique take on underwear that bring something new to the table. You should try one out for yourself next time you’re looking to get all dressed up yet want to stay comfortable and effortless. 

10. Cheeky-Style Underwear 

Of course, we had to end this guide with a little bit of cheekiness. 

Cheeky-style underwear is the perfect combo. It provides coverage like a brief and the silhouette of a thong. When you want something both protective and seductive, cheeky underwear should be your top pick.

Cheeky underwear features a narrower band of fabric along the backside while simultaneously providing more coverage than a typical thong would. This type of underwear can be worn daily and will probably be a better choice for more outfits and events than a regular thong.

Because of the way the underwear is cut in the front and the back, cheeky-style underwear will stay put for everyday wear while never sacrificing your comfort or style.

Underwear for Every Body

Whichever underwear you choose, find something that is going to help you feel like the best version of yourself. 

We have to wear underwear every single day, so find something that helps you shine and feel comfortable in your own skin. You deserve to feel that way, even in the undergarments that you wear. Rock on, friend! 


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