My dog is my family. He has a distinct personality and is so full of love. The day I adopted Asher was one of the best days of my life. Whether you can go out today and adopt, donate money to your local shelter, or volunteer, I encourage you to help this holiday season. For the month of November, the TomboyX team will play a part and donate $1 for each pair sold of our Howliday underwear to Houston SPCA. They are doing great work for animals affected by Hurricane Harvey.

’Twas the night before Asher, and in our apartment
It was the last night we’d ever have a clean carpet.
The pictures were posted on the Humane Society’s website with care
I checked obsessively, hoping my pup soon would be there.

I presented my case with a feeling of dread,
While visions of dogs danced in my head.
My partner, Nick, didn’t want to commit to a pup,
When he saw Asher’s picture he sighed and gave up.


Holiday Pup Asher

The next morning we drove to meet our lab,
We have no car, so we hailed a cab.
When we arrived at the shelter, I made a dash
I knew who I wanted and I had to meet my Ash.

He had white on his chest, like the new fallen snow
His gorgeous black fur was the final blow.
My heart started to soar when I saw what appeared,
The love in Nick’s eyes was unmistakably clear.

Asher was our dog. We knew very quick,
From the very first fetch and the very first lick.
Our dreams were dashed as another had laid claim,
But they gave it up, and our lives were never the same.


Holiday Pup Asher

Now Asher came home so our family could begin,
He was a scared little pup, but he was finally our kin.
Someone hurt him in the past, I can’t believe the gall
When I think of that now, I still start to bawl.

As the seasons changed and time began to fly,
Our darling Asher became quite a guy.
He was scared and disobedient, but he began to grow,
He became a happy, good boy as true love he did know.

Sometimes he swipes whole cakes just from the oven,
I might call him an “Ashhole” but he knows I still love him.
There is dog hair all over everything I own,
And my clothes all smell of his doggy cologne.


Holiday Pup Asher

But his eyes begin to twinkle, and it’s hard to ignore
When he hears “good boy,” his spirits do soar.
When I come home, before I turn around,
There is my Asher, greeting me with a bound.

A pup once so scared of people he’d run away quick
Now I can’t sit without a head on my shoulder and one good face lick.
The most fun and loving dog that I ever did meet
Thank you to his rescuers, your work was my treat.

From the stocking on my mantle to his own Christmas toy,
Every holiday season, he brings nothing but joy.
That is the story of my favorite howliday dog,
Now embrace your pets and enjoy some eggnog!


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