Outdoor Adventures With Traci Dinwiddie

Cover photo by Ace Hernandez 


In August, our Brand Ambassador Traci Dinwiddie set out to rep TomboyX at the Camelbak Pursuit Series, a three day adventure camp for adults. For those three days filled with hundreds of guided outdoor activities, she pretty much lived in our Activewear line. From teaching classes to mountain biking to paddleboards (and falling off paddleboards), Traci was in fitness heaven. Check out our interview with Traci post-Pursuit, and get inspired to join Traci for her next adventure weekend in San Francisco, September 8-10. 


Photo by Eve Bregman


Top 3 Highs. Top 3 Lows. Go!


1. Carving a sharp corner on a mountain bike and NOT crashing.

2. The massive lightning storm in the middle of the night in our TomboyX Tipi.

3. Seeing so many awesome people realize just how awesome they really are in my classes. 


    1. Bugs in my bed.

    2. The moment when I thought I'd lost the oar for the SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard). (But I found it!)

    3. Leaving Pursuit. 


    Was there a moment where you laughed so hard you cried?

    I laughed a lot! Didn’t cry, but I nearly tinkled my Tomboys a few times. Once, as I stupidly decided to ride the ski lift by myself for the first time. Second time as these two fantastic New Yorkers tried the grip gauntlet I had set up for our obstacle course. Third, as I good-naturedly teased a Marine soldier that I was thrilled to have kicked his ass in a strength conditioning class. He asked for a TomboyX hat, too! Booyah!


    Did you have a student who was particularly inspiring?

    I had many, but one moment in particular really stood out. A participant in my Ninja Outdoors class was terrified of heights. She shook like a leaf while balancing one foot on a 2.5 foot pole with all of us spotting her. Then, she took a deep, slow breath. Suddenly, she became very bright in her being and said in the most calm loving voice, “Thank you. Thank you all for being here for me. This is so special. You all are so special.” Throughout the rest of the event, I saw her bopping around with a new confidence and connection to herself and others. I knew that these classes could help a lot of people break through some personal fears, but I learned in that very moment that I was a part of something that could truly change the world of “I can’t” to “I can”, one person at a time. 


    Photo by Ace Hernandez 


    Have you ever taught something unplanned and have it become your go-to teaching method?

    Yes! Actually, I was initially going to teach my “CALiPLYO” class, but several of the attendants were expressing some intimidation over it, so I created a “Handstands, Oh YES you can!” Class on the spot. It was so amazing, we added it to the roster for the rest of the events. 


    What keeps you going?

    Working with hopeful, loving, inspired people. A personal longing to help others make new connections to their bodies, minds, and spirits. My Tribe. And, of course, my beloved critters…Bonky, Maya, Sophie, Meuw Meuw, Blanco, Ruby, Polly, Jaws, etc. 

    What's your guilty pleasure?

    Peanut Butter. 


    Photo by Ace Hernandez


    Did you try anything for the first time at the retreat?

    I did! Mountain biking. It was badass. I’m used to riding a road bike and found that mountain biking requires completely different techniques. For example, I pull my weight off of my tires as much as possible when taking a sharp corner on a road bike, but was taught to dig into the weight of the tires as I carve a corner on a mountain bike. The more weight you put into your tires, the more traction. It feels a bit scary at first, but very very exhilarating! Addicted already.  


    What is your favorite skill to teach?

    I love to teach handstands. Being someone who was never a pro athlete and never took a gymnastics class, I understand how special it is to experience a posture that seems so advanced and daunting. Every person in my classes thus far has actually done some version of a handstand. I love seeing their faces light up when they realize they can!  


    What's your go-to when you're stressed?

    Pullups and/or peanut butter.


    How do skills you learn in fitness help you in your everyday life?

    How long do you have??? Seriously. Every thing I teach comes directly from my personal experience with the principles of alignment. Fitness is not just having a strong, agile, and capable body. It absolutely includes the emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body. Root to rise, hugging to the midline, balance of muscle energy and extension, finding a soft, focused gaze (dristi) all have and continue to contribute to my wellness in every area of my life. 



    Who is an instructor you were in awe of during the event?

    I was in awe of Kirsten Beverly-Waters. She and I became fast buds. I was impressed with her range of knowledge and most especially with her strong, yet playful and hilarious spirit! Great teacher, great playmate. 


    What were your top 3 activities at the event?

    Outside of my own classes, I’d say Mountain Biking, SUP, & Yoga at the butt crack of dawn.


    What are you most looking forward to for the San Francisco Pursuit Series?



    What would you say to someone thinking about attending the Pursuit Series in San Francisco?

    Pack ya bags, Tomboys! Let’s get ‘er done! 


    Click here to learn more about the Pursuit Series coming up September 8-10 in San Francisco. Get fit with Traci and get your tickets today.