Tomboy Tuesday: Moon Kissed

Three musicians sitting in bar wearing TomboyX clothing

Moon Kissed is a New York City based band consisting of Khaya Cohen, Leah Scarpati and Emmy Sgouros. We got a chance to catch up with them during their tour to talk music and fashion. 


TomboyX: So how did you all meet? 

Khaya: We’re based out of New York, and we met at a New Year’s party.

Leah: Yeah we fell in love just after midnight.

Em: It truly was love at first sight. 


TBX: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music? 

K: Someone recently described us as “punk tinged electro dance” and it feels right.

L: I’d say it’s… your new favorite sound. ;)

E: A balance of LCD Soundsystem noises and Yeah Yeah Yeahs punky energy. 


TBX: What’s your favorite show you’ve ever played?

K: Oh my god, so many. On this tour we’re on right now, the show in Bloomington, Indiana was pretty fun. We ran into our friends in another touring band and crashed each other’s shows. 

L: We also just played Riot Fest on this tour which was really fun, it was cool playing on the same festival bill as The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

E: The summer of 2021 when events and things started happening we threw a party with House Gay Joy at a skatepark and it was insanity. Someone from the New York Times took a photo but they didn’t tag us. Just know that it was us. 


TBX: What are you most looking forward to in the next six months? 

K: We’re gonna be solidifying our third album, which will feel so good. 

L: Definitely getting the album together. Also, we’re hosting a residency in December that I’m super excited for.

E: We are returning back to the DIY scene after a hiatus. We miss playing at the small weird venues in NYC and basement shows in college towns. We have created our community from that scene and it feels like home to us. 


TBX: How have your relationships with clothing and fashion changed over time?

K: Finding outfits I feel comfortable in is an absolute necessity for stage performance. So trial and error of figuring out what makes me feel best on stage has been a process, and it’s also still changing based on how I change over time. 

L: Transitioning really changed my whole perspective on clothing. I realized that a lot of the clothing I was wearing I was trying to fit into a mold of gender or presentation that I thought would be more palatable. Once I let go of the idea of trying to be something I wasn’t, getting dressed became really fun and expressive when before it was something I dreaded.

E: I think fashion has shown me that I can create different characters and I never have to be only one. I definitely forced myself to play roles that did not suit me and I think that this band and the community around us allowed me to push my own boundaries with fashion. New York always inspires me to change and wear something fun and exciting because it makes me feel really happy!


TBX: What do you hope people get out of hearing your music? 

K: I hope people feel a sense of connectedness, like they’re not alone, which will hopefully boost their confidence.

L: I hope people feel alive, heightened, and that those feelings guide them toward a sense of self acceptance and self celebration.

E: I hope that it feels like something new and that they feel love! 

You can follow Moon Kissed on Instagram (@moonkissedmusic) or check out their website for info on upcoming shows and more. Photos by @snapppshots.