There's Room For Everyone In The X

Our new logo has stirred up some questions: What is this X= all about? What does it mean? And how does it relate to me? Our friend and guest blogger, Kimberly Harrington, brings words to this symbol, to our visual call to action. Read her powerful statement, and join the #HumanAgenda. 


We have an agenda. And it's not a feminist agenda. It's not a gay agenda. It's not a butch or femme or alphabet soup string of initials agenda. It's a human agenda. An agenda that says:


We are for those who want us, who have sought us out, and for those who aren’t quite sure yet. We’re not for everyone, but we are for anyone. We’re comfortable in our own skin and even more on yours and we will go where we are invited. We are for, not against - unafraid yet not naïve, and we’re ready to turn this world full of labels into one big label that reads, “for you.”

Any girl or woman or person who does their own thing, dresses the way they want, gets their hands dirty, and keeps an open mind was, is and always will be a tomboy. 

It’s an agenda that’s signed with an X. That marks the spot, seals it with a kiss,
and crosses out the negativity and infighting  that we’ve all had to deal with for far, far too long. It’s an agenda that wants nothing more and nothing less than for our common language to be respect, and our national anthem to be HELL YES. This isn’t an activist agenda. This is a human agenda. 

Because what's more human than being exactly, brazenly, no apologies who you were born to be? 


That's our agenda. There's room for you. There's room for me. There's room for everyone in the X. 


  • Evelyn

    I have recently been a thigh length underwear wearer. As a medical professional, I wear acrubs 99.9% of my time. I need comfort- 100% of that time. These long 9" boxers will absolutely do the trick- I’m convinced, as the Hanes long thigh shorts that I have been wearing are most comfortable. So glad I found this site and that something longer exists! Price is never an issue, as long as the comfort is there! Thank YOU TomBoyX!

  • Estella

    I’ve always been a very femme perceived woman, and I’ve tried very adamantly to support that image of myself with my 6 inch heels, regardless of the inkling feeling that the only true reasoning behind it is to follow what is expected of me. I obsessed over my passion for fashion, but always ignored the much more appealing menswear designs. I would never allow myself to wear jeans that were a tad too baggy. I’d never let myself be seen without cosmetic essentials. One could say I was overcompensating for an identity I wasn’t ready to accept. At 19 years old, I only recently began wearing men’s clothing. It started simply with a Kenneth Cole watch and from there the foggy outline of my true androgynous image began to take shape. It’s liberating to finally feel comfortable in my own body, to feel proud of muscle gain more than weight loss, to not panic over body hair, to love the boyish features of my face and to embrace them as much as the feminine ones. I can finally breathe and your brand has validated and confirmed that feeling of safety for me. I have never felt so beautiful and so me as I have wearing a pair of your boxer briefs and Tomboyx bras. They are also incredibly comfortable and well fitting!

  • Cindi

    I am placing my very first order of your brand of underwear. I am a happily married (29yrs), over 50, white woman and I truly support the X= #humanagenda. Regardless of what this means to each of us, it is important to support each other regardless of race, sexual orientation, gener identity, nationality, political beliefs, religious beliefs, and any other label that separates each of us from experiencing the unique gifts others have to share.

    I am looking forward to receiving my first order and hope that at last there will be underwear that does not ride up every time I have to bend over at work. Also ordering the new T-shirt with the logo

    Wife, Mother, Sister, Survivor, and life long Tomboy

  • Team TomboyX

    Hi Jen B – We’d love to direct you to the comment below, written by our friend and brand collaborator, Courtney Loveman, in response to similar concerns being raised by Maria McDowell. We appreciate all of you who take the time to really think about our mission and message and who help us continue this conversation….

    “I really appreciate Maria McDowell’s comment and I understand how she might make the parallel, but I also believe that intention and context matter, so I thought I’d share a bit of both.

    TomboyX’s Human Agenda is not meant to negate or overlook the incredible chasm that separates the ability of some individuals to be “brazenly who they were meant to be” from others. It is important to convey that those struggles are far from equal. Unlike #AllLivesMatter, which was created in direct response to (and intended to undermine) the specific struggles of black people in this country, the #HumanAgenda is an attempt to create a positive and unified voice for every marginalized individual who is working for the right to be seen and treated as a human being. Their struggles are not the same, but their rights are.

    Consumer brands face a challenging path forward as they use their ‘platform’ to promote real and positive social impact. The team at TomboyX has been fueled by letter after letter from people of every gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, age, social status, profession, and geography who’ve expressed that this brand and its products have given them some amount of comfort, confidence, and support necessary to become more of ‘themself.’ We have not taken those letters lightly. It was in direct response to people all over the world who took the time to share those stories that the Human Agenda began to take shape. Even as a purveyor of humble underwear, it is our sincere mission to give a collective voice to individuals who are struggling to ‘claim their full humanity.’ Through our ongoing efforts to tell the specific stories of the people we admire, we will also “name” the persecutors and offenders without attacking them. As we’ve said, we choose to be Above, Not Anti.

    Maria – I hope, if nothing else, you will appreciate the value of our intent and our commitment to every individual dealing with injustice as part of the rightful act of becoming the person they were meant to be.

    Thanks for sharing and listening." – Courtney Loveman

  • Charlie

    Have you or would you consider making your x= logo into a window or bumper sticker for our cars, trucks, bikes or tractors? I’d love to have one. Maybe just plain monochrome X= with no explanation except possibly #hunanagenda in small print at the bottom. I’d love to fly your colors.

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