There's Room For Everyone In The X

Our new logo has stirred up some questions: What is this X= all about? What does it mean? And how does it relate to me? Our friend and guest blogger, Kimberly Harrington, brings words to this symbol, to our visual call to action. Read her powerful statement, and join the #HumanAgenda. 


We have an agenda. And it's not a feminist agenda. It's not a gay agenda. It's not a butch or femme or alphabet soup string of initials agenda. It's a human agenda. An agenda that says:


We are for those who want us, who have sought us out, and for those who aren’t quite sure yet. We’re not for everyone, but we are for anyone. We’re comfortable in our own skin and even more on yours and we will go where we are invited. We are for, not against - unafraid yet not naïve, and we’re ready to turn this world full of labels into one big label that reads, “for you.”

Any girl or woman or person who does their own thing, dresses the way they want, gets their hands dirty, and keeps an open mind was, is and always will be a tomboy. 

It’s an agenda that’s signed with an X. That marks the spot, seals it with a kiss,
and crosses out the negativity and infighting  that we’ve all had to deal with for far, far too long. It’s an agenda that wants nothing more and nothing less than for our common language to be respect, and our national anthem to be HELL YES. This isn’t an activist agenda. This is a human agenda. 

Because what's more human than being exactly, brazenly, no apologies who you were born to be? 


That's our agenda. There's room for you. There's room for me. There's room for everyone in the X.