The Unisuit: Your Multi-Sport Favorite

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a multi-sport suit that was supportive and flexible for any situation? Much like the characteristics of a best friend, the TomboyX Unisuit fits the bill with its versatility and modern styling that will leave you feeling akin to superhero status when wearing it. The range of movement allows for all kinds of activities without looking like you’ve broken a sweat. You can run, jump, and (figuratively) leap tall buildings. Plus, you’ll look great while doing it.

Let’s talk about the details of what a unisuit is and what makes it a wonderfully unique piece of clothing. The new fully double-lined front feature delivers increased modesty, while the short sleeves prevent chafing and protect from the intense burn of UV rays. The Unisuit is sleek, simplistic, and built with a strong foundation as all go-to options should be. There’s no compromising between comfort and style with this multi-sport suit; it has everything built into one functional, fashionable look.

The Unisuit takes the guesswork out of what to wear by seamlessly adapting to any situation, while still managing to stand out. With its size ranging from XS up to 4X, it’s designed to fit all body types, athletic needs, and is soon to be your new multi-sport favorite. You can easily add it to your wardrobe as a staple piece that’ll work for any occasion. It’s easy to layer, pack, and take with you whenever you’re on-the-go.

Whether it’s worn when crossing the finish line of your first triathlon or as you’re enjoying the camaraderie of a game of beach volleyball, the Unisuit is far from your traditional swimsuit or athleisure wear.

Stretchiness and Secure Comfort When Surfing

The durability and stretchiness of the Unisuit makes it a perfect companion when riding the waves. It also offers more protection from the sun than average swimwear - plus, easy movement for paddling, surfing, and swimming to shore. The Unisuit has UPF 50 sun protection and covers the shoulders, torso, and upper part of the legs in a way that other swimsuits cannot. After a day spent on the water, the modest coverage allows you to feel comfortable grabbing a bite to eat at your favorite seaside spot and then back out for another surf session without the need to change clothes.

A standard bikini top or bathing suit bottom is always at risk to be swept away by the current, but that won’t happen with the Unisuit. No need to tug on swimsuit strings or worry about bottoms that’ll slip down. Everything is where it should be at all times. For a day spent surfing, it’s best to have a suit that’s as nimble as you are and always has you covered.

Versatility to Go the (Triathlon) Distance

The last thing you want when participating in a triathlon (or competitive race of any kind) is to have what you wear get in the way and drag you down. Fortunately, the quick-dry, moisture-wicking properties of the Unisuit are ideal following the swimming leg. It also keeps you cool for the running and biking portions versus being weighed down by a soggy swimsuit or athletic shorts. A race that involves varying environments requires the versatility of a suit that can keep up.

The strenuous nature of a triathlon is a physical and mental game where the smallest detail can throw you off course. Any extra material feels like an exaggerated weight when you’re spending miles in motion. The lightweight fabric of the Unisuit is perfect as it moves with you to comfortably make the transition from water to land. Plus, the bulk-free protection of the short raglan sleeves helps prevent chafing as you stroke, cycle, and sprint your way to the finish line. Think of the Unisuit as your partner-in-crime that sticks with you and stays strong during the most challenging of times.

Protection from the Sun and Sand During Beach Volleyball

What’s fun in the sun without ample time spent on the sand? When it’s your turn to serve or as you’re playing the front line ready to spike, it’s best to have a suit that supports you fully. The pull-tab zipper locks in place to exactly the right comfort level for perfect coverage without feeling restricted. Plus, the antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties keep you looking and feeling fresh while diving headfirst into a competitive or casual game of beach volleyball.

The durability of the Unisuit also stands up against the sand and saltwater wear after wear, so you don’t have to worry about your favorite all-in-one beach outfit unraveling or becoming threadbare even after multiple uses. Keep the shape and integrity of the suit intact by hand washing and allowing the suit to line dry. Thanks to its quick-dry feature, it won’t take long before your suit is ready to get you back in the action.

Flexibility for a Peaceful Yoga Flow

The beauty of sun salutations is likely better experienced in the actual sun, on the beach, in a park, or somewhere else that involves being in nature. The Unisuit takes on the activewear role seamlessly by providing the comfortability and elasticity to move into a range of yoga poses. The stretchy fabric moves easily with every inch of flexibility without bunching up while you’re inverted or going through movements with increasing quickness.

The suit is also odor-resistant, which means you can enjoy a morning yoga session and run errands or meet friends for lunch without worrying about carrying the sweat and smell of your workout with you. The modern black design also effortlessly transitions from exercise to everyday apparel. Skip packing a bag with an extra set of clothes, especially in outdoor settings where changing rooms aren’t readily available. The Unisuit allows you to continue your day of zen activities and enjoy time spent outdoors.

Adaptability Over Your Average Swimsuit for Paddle Boarding

Depending on the strength of the waves and the distance from the shore, paddle boarding can quickly go from your relaxing daytime activity to aggressively digging down into the water to make it back to dry land. Regardless of which intensity of paddle boarding you’re ready for on any given day, you’ll want the coverage and durability of a multi-sport suit that can adapt to the changing conditions. The Unisuit allows you to stay nimble with UPF 50 sun protection should you find yourself further out than you initially intended. Spending an afternoon in the sunshine is a great idea, but can wreak havoc on your skin, if not properly protected.

Rather than struggling with the straps or increased looseness from your average swimsuit, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when making your way back to shore. While paddle boarding may not be considered an extreme sport, all it takes is one shift of the wind to send things in a whole new direction. The adjustable pull-tab front zipper of the Unisuit makes sure everything stays in place for whatever speed you need to paddle. It has the coverage you need to set out with confidence.

Celebrating the Unisuit and Everything It Offers

The Unisuit is built for all levels and types of activities. From the constant slew of adventures to the once in a while burst of activity, this is an ideal option that is adaptable, comfortable, flattering, and provides enough coverage and support to feel good no matter where you are. It can be worn in the water, on land, and layered as an option to wear on the weekend when paired with a hoodie or layered and worn as a bodysuit. The classic black color works for whenever and however you see fit.

Having a single suit that you can count on to take you through any type of sport or workout while still looking and feeling great seems like an insurmountable obstacle, but the Unisuit is able to appeal to everything you need and withstand any and all conditions. Take it to the beach, pool, and when preparing for your next athletic event. Wear it while practicing yoga poses, paddle boarding, or just hanging out with friends.

The reliability of the Unisuit allows the focus to be fully on what you’re doing at the moment. You won’t have to be distracted by questioning if your suit has enough coverage, can endure the action, and look good all at the same time. Each of the details of the Unisuit gives you the freedom of movement necessary to participate in any number of sports.

Every now and then, something comes along that fits right in with what you’re trying to do. The Unisuit provides you with all the clothing gear you need and prevents the chore of having to find the right swimsuit/athletic wear combo to meet every one of your sports-related needs. Its all-in-one outfit appeal takes center stage to completely change the game. Traditional swimsuit styles come and go but this classic standout remains a timeless trend.