The Trans Pride Line

We want our underwear to do what you want it to do. To fit your needs and work with you, not against you. And hey, why not make it super comfortable and convenient too? Each of the below pieces is our answer to a need that isn't always easy to address as a shopper. These unique cuts adapt to changing bodies, simplify the complicated, or just plain offer a few quality-of-life improvements that are hard to come by.

6" Fly Packing Boxer Briefs - designed to help live as your fullest self

TomboyX 6" Fly Packing Boxer Briefs - Trans Pride Stripes

Binary gender is a colonialist lie, don’t be afraid to flaunt your differences. Our classic 6" Fly with a little something extra – these high quality boxer briefs come with a deep pocket to securely accommodate a soft FTM packer. Our packing underwear keeps your packer in place for all-day comfort. These mid-length boxer briefs fit you and who you are. A faux fly and decorative buttons compliment this classic profile. Our signature stay-put waistband pairs perfectly with mid-length coverage. While you can open the fly to access what you are packing, because the packer sits inside a pouch, STP use is not recommended. This is a great choice for folks who want some fabric between their skin and their packer.

Compression Top - safe, comfortable, + discrete

Our goal for anyone looking for chest compression or minimization options is to feel confident and safe. We also want to offer the most comfortable, health-conscious option we can. The TomboyX Compression Top features a longline, full-chest coverage design that avoids a traditional bra appearance while also providing a relatively low neckline that stays out of sight beneath most shallow V-neck tops. A unique blend of polyamide nylon and elastane combines with power mesh lining in the front and back to deliver a balance of compression, comfort, and discrete support. Soft, flat seams and a silky 1.5" chest band avoid bulk and chafing, and a zip closure helps take the nuisance out of on and offs.

Zip-Front Comfort Bra - adapts to changing needs


We want our bras to be not just accommodating but adaptable to changing needs. The Zip-Front Comfort Bra features a double-layered front with cup pockets to handle pads or breast forms, and comes with foam inserts fitted to the bra's size. The maximum-coverage design ensures that padding or breast forms will remain discrete and securely in place, and also offers protection for a healing chest. Swan hooks at the end of the strap create flexible sizing options, and a locking zipper in the front makes on and offs easy without sacrificing security. Our time-tested, breathable blend of oh-so soft cotton and spandex combine with power mesh lining in the front to deliver all-day comfort, support, and light compression.

Tucking Underwear - simple + secure

Tucking shouldn't have to be complicated or uncomfortable. So we took our bikini style and adapted it to make the process simple, secure, and comfortable. Double-layered interlock polyester provides effective compression along with breathability, moisture wicking, and quick drying. We traded out the usual 4-way stretch of most underwear fabrics in favor of 1-way stretch, ensuring a more secure fit. Chitosante fabric treatment adds antibacterial and odor-resistant protection, and fold-over elastic on the leg openings increase security and help keep the underwear in place. A wider crotch design than our classic bikini style delivers a more accommodating fit, with greater coverage and security.