The Styles We Love

Meet Team TomboyX. We are self-proclaimed underwear gurus that seek comfort, quality, and style, and we are eager to share our office faves. Learn about the styles you haven't tried yet, and click the images to shop your new favorite underwear. 


I love the soft bra and its versatility. I've used it a lot recently for hiking. I'm small-chested so I don't always need the full support of a sports bra. It's soft and breathable, which makes outside activity way better. Lately I've been attempting to be bolder in my every day styling, and the black soft bra goes from functional to fashion depending on how I style it. It looks great dressed up with a high-waisted black skirt that gives me some style without trying hard at all.


My experience with Bikini underwear from other brands is typically that they’re flimsy, they stretch out, they look like crap after a month, and they leave lines on my hips when I take them off. This is not at all the case for the TomboyX Bikini. The thick, sleek waistband keeps them in place all day (no riding up!) and when I take them off I check for lines on my hips but never find them. These are so comfortable, they feel durable, and they look adorable. They’re always the pair I reach for in my underwear drawer.


As the name suggests, this cut is acknowledged for its distinctive excellence. The brief hits me in just the right spots, perfectly contouring the shape of my hips. Throughout the day, I never get any riding and the band is the perfect amount of hug. Plus, (or better yet) when it comes to this style, I can’t help but think about Tom Cruise in Risky Business. When I first put them on, I’m tempted to put on one of my husbands shirts and dance around the apartment to Old Time Rock and Roll. I may already be guilty of this. ;)


I love all the TomboyX styles and have a different go-to dependent on what I am wearing and what level of activity I’m doing that day. For my tighter fitting pants or if I’m in hot weather, my go to is the 2.5 inch boy short. Just the right cheek coverage that stays put all day long.


I love ​the 4.5" trunks! They are the perfect cover for the short dresses in my wardrobe and the wingman to the 'tomboy' in me! The fabric is soft and gentle on my skin, and gives me a feeling of primal comfort like I am home. As I have discovered, it is also entirely possible that one can spend money on underwear all their life and yet not experience the best in the business!


I’m crazy about the 6” Flys to the point that if I put on a Tomboy Short I feel like I’m cheating on my flys. They stay put, look cute and feel great. What else could I ask for? Oh yeah! More prints ;)


Perhaps the most versatile style TomboyX carries; the 6” Stripe is always the right choice for me. With no extra bulk, the 6” Stripe, works under a variety of different clothes. I especially appreciate them while wearing skirts or dresses.  And what’s better than being able to go from work to couch potato in under 30 seconds? Nothing! The 6” Stripe is long enough that I feel comfortable with walking around the house in just my underwear. The length is perfect for morning yoga sessions, or going for a light bike ride.


I didn’t know I needed these until I got them, and now I never want to take them off. Which means I am rapidly running out of room in my underwear drawer— the only downside to boxer briefs! I started out wearing these to bed and under skirts (like, every day in the summer), but now that we have the MicroModal, I wear them under jeans too. OH MY GOD the Modal… one of our fans made a little jingle which is really catchy and stuck in my head, and I hear it over an over whenever I think about the Modal… “TomboyX is the best underwear // It feels like air down there.”


We want to hear from you! What's your favorite style? Tell us in the comments below.